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Number one Loos with a View are in New Zealand

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

It is hard not to smile and laugh out loud when you visit the greatest public loos (also known as toilets or bathrooms) I have ever had the pleasure of doing my “business” at. Named "Loos with a view" they are located at the Highlands Motorsport Complex at Cromwell on the South Island of New Zealand, near Queenstown. This pit stop is definitely a tourist attraction in its own right.

There are six different rooms, each with an excellent view out over the motorsport track, thankfully with one way glass! Looking out through the windows over the track, the majestic snow-covered mountains are just stunning. Yet, inside the rooms there is so much to look at and listen to.

The music room has instrumental urinals that make different sounds when liquid pours into them.

Liquid filled squirt bottles are provided for those who want to test them without popping anything out. It is truly amazing, and the mind boggles when thinking of the band noise that would be produced when the bass, saxophone and drum are all being used at the same time.

In the same room is a large caricature of a famous figure. Squirt the liquid into his mouth and various statements, in a voice that sounds very familiar, can be heard.

I am using their puns here – this is a “streaming” music room!

My favourite was the throne room, fit for a queen. This gold-plated luxurious miniature palace has soft orchestral music playing to entertain.

When you flush, be prepared for the sound of applause.

Another room has been designed for men, with lots of dad jokes that you cannot help laughing at. Not only are they written on the walls, but a voice also reads them out to you.

For the ladies, there is a room with quotes and cartoons to smile and grin at.

Check out the Buggar room, with the quote “a moving look at life’s curlier moments”

For those interested in the history of Highlands, there is a timeline room, with another fabulous view. This room details the development of the National Motorsport Complex at Cromwell.

The loos are exceptionally clean and free to use. Near the entrance is an old fashioned double seated toilet, although only for show (and photographs) Donations can be made and funds raised support the worthy cause – New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

If sitting on the loos and looking at the view is not to your liking, the onsite café is a fabulous place to sit. With views out over the racecourse and snow- covered mountains, it is a great spot for a meal or snack. As everywhere in New Zealand, the coffee here was fantastic. Read more about things to see and do at the motorsport park here.

Happy Travels!

Highlands Motorsport Park is located at Corner of SH6 and Sandflat Road, Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand

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Dec 16, 2022

I absolutely love New Zealand & can't wait to go back & tour the Sputh Island.

But, the Kiwis do seem to have a "thing" about public toilets.

The Hundertwasser Toilets of Kawakawa (Nth Island) are amazing & apparently attract more sightseers than people actually using them.

And, NZ have 2 entries in the Lonely Planet list of "20 of the world's most extraordinary toilets".

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