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Passive activities at Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand

Supercar fast dashes, muscle cars, track laps and go carts are among the many adreneline filled activities on offer at the Highlands Motorsport Park near Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand.

If you are not able, or willing, to partake in these fuel-driven fun adventures, there is still much to attract visitors to stop here for a while.

The views alone are spectacular. I visited in winter and the snow-covered majestic mountains in the background were mesmerizing.

A lot of thought has gone into making this complex attractive for all ages and abilities. There are many things to see and photograph here, from the natural beauty to some clever man-made structures.

From the minute you drive in, you know there is something different here, as you are greeted by an eight-legged motor arachnid that seems to defy gravity.

Inside the National Motorsport Museum (entry charges apply) you can see a 4.2 million dollar Aston Martin Vulcan amongst the many exhibits. I couldn't help taking a spontaneous selfie with the Ferrari supercar outside, all dressed in my warm winter finery. I was definitely dressing for comfort that day, not finery.

On this chilly, yet fine, winters day, it was five degrees Celcius (42 Farehuit).

The riveting rabbit in the background here deserves a closer look, and admiration of the skill in its construction.

You can also get an up-close look at one of the go carts available to drive at the track.

The Sculpture Park near the go cart building is the clever idea of Highlands Park owner Tony Quinn. I admire not just his imagination, but the follow through and creation of these statues. Entry to the Sculpture Park is free and people of all ages are invited to wander amongst them and admire.

There is an onsite cafe that serves delicious meals and snacks, and one incredible view of the racetrack and glorious snow dusted mountains in the background. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Also onsite are the Loos with a View. Six themed toilets available at no charge to the public. Each room offers a one-way glass experience over the track to enjoy while you go about your "business" there. Read more here.

Highlands Motorsport Park is located at Corner of State Highway 6 and Sandflat Road, Cromwell, Otago, New Zealand.

On a side note: New Zealand has close to forty large novelty statues, for lovers of all big things. In the town of Cromwell (population around 6.600), the big fruit sculpture (an apricot, apple, pear and nectarine) stands at 13m (43 feet tall). I couldn't help taking one last selfie at the big fruit, near the entrance to the town, even though my hands didn't quite line up. That is a skill in itself!

Happy Travels!

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