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West Australian Battler Success Story - Spud Shed

I love a success story where a hard working battler overcomes prejudice and unfair laws to succeed and help others. The Galati family is a living example of this story. In November 1998 the Galati family started selling excess produce from their Baldavis farm shed. Twenty-two years later they have launched their fifteenth store in the Perth area, at Stirling. The parents were Sicilian immigrants with a market garden helped out by sons Tony, Vince and Sam.

They once grew too many potatoes (according to Government regulations at the time) and they then gave them away for free. In keeping with this tradition, when I attended the opening off their new store at Stirling they gave away 1kg bags of potatoes or carrots to customers for the first week.

According to newspaper reports, the Galati family fought the archaic laws for over 30 years, before the Potato Marketing Corporation was wound up in 2016. One of the archaic laws gave regulator’s powers to stop and search a vehicle they reasonably believe may be carrying more than 50kg of potatoes.

13 of the 15 Spud Shed stores in Perth area are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is possible because of the Small Business Classification. As a newbie to Perth, I always thought the Spud Shed was a fruit and vegetable store. They sell more than greengrocer items, they are a supermarket as well.

The opening hours are idea for shift workers and tourists who often want to shop at times when most other options are closed.

As a small business Spud Shed is able to partner with local producers and other small businesses, to stock trial runs of produce. They also stock products that aren’t available in larger grocery stores.

They aim to be cheaper than surrounding stores, and will price comparison. Tony’s guarantee is that if you find a cheaper price somewhere else within ten kilometres, the first kilo is free.

Their products are very fresh, most are straight from the farm to the shop. Their prices are low, which is wonderful. Their Staff are friendly and helpful.

It is a real pleasure to shop at Spud Shed, knowing that I am helping a Western Australia family and Australian farmers.

If you are in Western Australia and haven’t been because you thought it was just fruit and vegetables (like I did), go check them out. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Happy Travels!

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