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Wacky about Doo Town

Wackadoo means "a little bit crazy and fun". It is a perfect word to describe the cheeky larrikins in Doo Town Tasmania Australia. Way back in 1935 residents of this small town started a tradition of naming their holiday cottages with the word Doo in them. All the shacks (this is what a Tasmanian calls their holiday cottage, no matter the style or size) have a quirky name. Well, except for one in town, it is called Medhurst!

If I lived in town, I would want to call my shack - Scooby Doo. Funny thing, that name is not taken yet. Each carefully thought up shack name brings a smile as you imagine the fun each owner must have had when getting their name ready.

I love the willingness of a town to join in on the fun and share their joy with others. As new residents come into this town, they all join in the hilarious naming convention. There is a variety of different styles in the shacks. Doo Town is laid back and relaxed, a perfect destination to unwind and enjoy downtime.

There is a bit of confusion about who actually started this tradition. Most people say the first shack name was Doo Little. Very appropriate for a holiday shack on the beautiful and peaceful Tasmanian coast where fisherman can indulge in their favourite passion, or holiday makers can just relax. Others say it started with Doo I.

There isn’t much else to doo in this town of around 300 people, no shops or cafes here. Although there is a fish and chip van that swings by on certain days. They have gotten onto the bandwagon and named their business Doo-lichus.

It is worth a drop into the town on the way from Hobart to Port Arthur, just over one hour drive from Hobart, on the Eaglehawk Neck. This is a favourite spot for tourists to stop and take photos of the different shack and their unusual names.

This is also a great place to bushwalk as Doo Town is located in Tasman National Park. A short drive from town will allow you to catch the nearby attractions caused by the erosive powers of the powerful south-westerly winds. The Tasman Arch is the remains of a sea cave. There are many weak zones in the roof of the arch and one day it will collapse.

Remarkable Cave is another natural land formation that is a popular tourist spot. This unusual cave has two entrances, one near the land and one out to the sea. The waters rush into the cave and often wet unexpected tourists. The loud rumble of the wild surf outside the cave competes with the sound of the water slapping against the internal cave walls. According to the brave soul wading through the cave, the water was extremely cold. I will take his word for it and give that experience a miss.

The nearby Tessellated Pavement looks almost man made but is in fact siltstone that has been cracked by stresses in the Earth’s crust. Salt crystals from the water seep into the cracks and expand, chipping away the stone. Then at high tide the water carried the chips out to sea and the erosion continues. This occurs over a vast period of time. The pavement can be walked on and is a wonderful spot to admire the beautiful blue of the ocean as it greets the shoreline.

What would you name your shack if you lived in Doo Town? Post your answer in the comments below. Please doo.

Happy Travels!


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28. Jan. 2023


Gefällt mir

Melissa Mariani
Melissa Mariani
22. Jan. 2023

I missed Doo Town on previous visits to Tassie.

I will have doo return doo Tassie doo see this amazing place.

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14. Jan. 2023

I have visited remarkable Cave :-)

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23. Dez. 2022

Doo nit as in Doing it, but not so sure about the nit part!

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18. Dez. 2022

Really enyoyed the acticle. You DOO a really good job!😊

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