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Trowutta Arch and rainforest are tremendous in northwest Tasmania, Australia

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Walking through a lush rainforest full of towering tree ferns, myrtles and tall eucalyptus all covered in green moss is a delight. Finding the extraordinary and rare geographical feature, the Trowutta Arch, at the end of a 15 minute walk is a glorious bonus. This is part of the Tarkine Drive in the remote north-west coast of Tasmania.

"This rainforest is park-like, with large, widely spaced trees producing a dense canopy above and a shaded, cool and moist understory of tree ferns.... the myrtle beech is the dominant tree species in the cool temperate rainforests of the Tarkine. Individuals may grow up to 50m in height and reach ages in excess of 500 years." - from an information board at the forest.

As soon as I walked into the rainforest I could feel myself breathing easier. The air is fresh and invigorating. I stood very still, listening to the birds in the trees, feeling the quiet breeze upon my skin, looking at the vibrant greens of the forest. All of this made me feel a connection to the surrounding naturescape. It was cleansing, and oh so beautiful.

The path is well marked out from the carpark and easy to navigate. There are a few steps along the way as you follow the slightly downslope gradient. There are seats to rest and just be as you admire the surrounds. These are ideal to stop at and really assimilate into the environment.

Moss and fungus are visible everywhere here. It is truly a wonderland.

The arch was formed when the roof of a limestone cave collapsed. The water filled sinkhole is open to the sky and the green algae floating in different patterns on the surface gives it an almost magical feel. Signs nearby inform visitors that the sinkhole is more than 20m deep.

The rocks surrounding the pool are a bit slippery, so take care and watch your footing when you step here.

From Stanley, it is a 40 minute drive to the arch carpark. Most of the journey is on paved roads, the last five minutes of the drive is on a good quality gravel road. The walk to the arch and back will take around half an hour return. There is a turn-around for caravans and campers near the car park.

I overheard one of the other visitors exclaim, “This was hard to find, but I will never forget it!” Oh so true, I heartily endorse her words. The rainforest and the arch are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. It is definitely worth the drive to come here and experience it.

Happy Travels!

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