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Penguin Beer Co. is so refreshing!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Relaxing on a deck looking out onto a beautiful blue ocean, hearing the waves kissing the shore, listening to great music, and sipping on a delightfully cold beer is close to perfect.

This is the setting of the Penguin Beer Co. which opened in July 2021, in Penguin, Tasmania. A pod of dolphins swam by just the other day and everyone watched them for over 20 minutes. Whales have also been spotted from here.

With a new brewery opening roughly every six days in Australia, what will make Penguin Beer Co stand out?

Firstly, the location is perfect. The building has undergone many changes in the past, including a bakery. With extensive renovations, the back wall is now opened up and the ocean view is incredible. Licensed to seat 200 indoors, the space is open with a truly fresh feel. In summer there will also be seating on the lawn overlooking the beach.

Secondly, the beer is amazing. This is one of Tasmania's best craft beer experiences. The glassware enhances the taste. The tulip top allows for more aroma and the ridges allow the beer to replenish the head. This brings out the best in the beer, and results in a better tasting experience. Ahhh!

They have slightly tweeked traditional beer styles. Their brown ale is a traditional English brown ale with 20% chocolate malt and cocoa nibs. There will be an ever changing menu of beers so each trip will be different. A few staple beers will include the popular King Penguin Pale Ale. At 5% this pale malt is made with galaxy hops which have the highest concentration of essential oils known in hops. The Penguin Beer Co. also wish to introduce independant world beers to Tasmanians.

Tasmanian wines and spirits are also on sale here.

They aim to purchase as much of their food produce within 20kms of Penguin. Hand made burgers, tacos, chips and fried chicken will be staple menu items. I tasted the chicken and chips which were cooked to perfection and oh so delicious.

Next, the music will draw people in. Artists will play live 2-3 nights a week. Kitty Martini was singing with Chester Drawers and the Lowboys one of the Sundays I attended. Kitty sang songs that had the crowd up dancing, and I even spotted the seated patrons tapping their feet and moving to the groove in their seats.

I had the pleasure of meeting the manager, and one of the owners, Scott on the opening day. Scott is a mainlander (the name for Australian's who come from the big island north of Tasmania), and had previously had a craft beer bar in Bendigo, Victoria. His family were holidaying in Tasmania a year previously, and loved Tassie so much, they moved here. Scott said that they are not going anywhere now. They were attracted to the friendly local people.

Each time I have visited the Penguin Beer Co. the friendliness of the staff made me feel like a valued guest. (Research takes several visits sometimes, just to get it right - plus, it is such a wonderful place to eat, drink and relax!),

You can find them at 1/85 Main Road, Penguin, Tasmania

Happy Travels!

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Tina Haverstick Torrez
Tina Haverstick Torrez
Aug 28, 2021

I miss you! Glad to hear you're still having fun this year. I look forward to seeing your photos and reading about beautiful Tasmania! I'll private message you.

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