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More than just fabulous pancakes in Oatlands Tasmania Australia

Tasmania excels itself with delectable food and divine drinks. One of my favourite places to eat is The Pancake and Crepe Shop in Oatlands. Located at 85 High Street, this delightful café in situated in one of the historical buildings on the main street. The food is divinely delicious, and the ambiance is wonderful. Coming here makes me feel as though I am visiting the home of a beloved friend.

I loved sitting in the old Stables building, built in 1832. Today we can enjoy the old flagstones on the floor, a choice of very comfortable seating, and the horse stalls now housing various displays of new and old items.

Local historical information is subtly presented in frames repurposed from old fence palings. What a wonderful way to present these details.

Visitors are spoilt for choice of where to sit. Heaters and welcoming fires are provided to keep you warm indoors.

There is a gorgeous rear courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the sun in fine weather. Or you can choose from a variety of outdoor seating in front of the cafe, watching the world pass by in this town of delightfully historic houses and buildings.

The food is made on the premises, using local ingredients. You can also order a light meal. The staff were fantastic in accommodating my request for a sugar free product, and their scone serving was so large, I had to take some away with me. Of course, for later!

When travelling in Tasmania, make Oatlands one of your must stop destinations!

Happy Travels!

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