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Drag Queen Bingo at Connections night club

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Bingo is a game you often associate with grandmas and Catholic Church halls. Far from this scenario is the free fun bingo held at Connections night club in Northbridge every Thursday night. Stunning, outrageous and hilarious drag queens host a fun event that will have even the most prudish person laughing (or walking out the door shaking their heads in horror). Oh my!

Our drag queen hosts for the evening were the gorgeous and delightful pair Donna Kebab and Alexas Armstrong. Donna, with perfect long blond hair and raven haired Alexas do not practice their patter beforehand. They say that their off-the-cuff style of entertainment is about letting loose and having fun, helping the audience laugh and have everyone be on the same page. Both Donna and Alexas also perform at various venues including the Perth Fringe Festival.

For years this amusing evening was only known to the LGBTQI+ community, but now mainstream people have discovered this entertaining event. Around 80 people attended the night I did. If you are travelling solo they will definitely make you feel welcome. Ages ranged from 18 (minimum age at the venue) to people well into their retirement. Crossing out your numbers and calling out “Bingo” is not the focus of the evening. Having fun, laughing, being naughty, and allowing yourself to let go is what the night is really about. Hearing jokes and stories that would make those church hall grandma’s faint. Or laugh out loud as my own flamboyant grandmother, Peg, probably would have.

Do not expect the usual “legs 11, one one 11” to be called out here. No, the numbers are noted with naughty nuances. “Number 4, make me roar!” (that could have been spelt differently, who knows). There are 3 rounds, each with 4 games played simultaneously. The prizes are from a nearby adult shop and cannot be described to anyone under 18. It is the first time my normally competitive self didn’t want to win anything. Between rounds they play another fun game called Tits and Arse. Like heads and tails, everyone stands and holds onto their breasts, or their buttocks, or a hand on each. Dice are thrown and the result is called out. If it matches your stance, you stay standing, if not, you sit down. The dice are rolled until one person is left remaining upright. The winner receives a prize, often a cocktail voucher to be redeemed at the bar. Everyone cheers for the winners.

Another nice thing about the evening is that you can bring in food from home or one of the take away shops nearby. Alchoholic and non alcoholic drinks are served by drag queens at the bar.

I admit it, I am jealous of drag queens. Not only do they have gorgeous bodies, and long legs that I would do anything for (except diet and exercise), they really know how to get their makeup perfect! Their confidence is brilliant to see. In the past people who had a perchance for cross dressing had to hide away and conceal their alter egos. Thank goodness we live in a society that accepts and respects people’s choices. Not too long ago a social scandal was if a woman wore pants in public! Jean Shrimpton shocked everyone in 1965 when she attended the Melbourne Derby Day racecourse in a mini skirt!

Northbridge is just over the railway line from Perth and is very LGBTQI+ friendly, hosting several gay nightclubs and bars. Connections is one of Australia’s oldest gay bars, opening in 1975. Back then it was an underground club but attitudes have changed and now it is a fun place to enjoy yourself, and one of the few venues where you can party until 5am. After the bingo finishes around 11pm, for a small fee you can stay and watch the amateur drag show event and dance to songs in a venue where men and women love to get up and boogie the night away.

When travelling it is always exciting to do something you may not do at home, or even if you live in Perth, give it a go. For a frivolously fun frolic and excellent entertainment in a safe relaxing venue try this alternative Bingo event. Eyes down everyone!

Happy Travels!

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