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A day in Auckland New Zealand

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The search for New Zealand's best fish and chips in Auckland led me to an amazing experience. The hunt had eluded me on the cruise around New Zealand. The breakfasts on the ship were so good that by the time I landed ashore, I wasn't hungry at all. However, the last port on my cruise was to Auckland. The mission of the day was to skip breakfast and enjoy the meal that New Zealand is often most famous for.

Auckland has a population of almost 1.5 million people, and I concluded that the smartest way to find my goal was to ask a local. A security guard in the mall suggested South City Seafoods at 23 Princes Street, Otahuhu. I was travelling with my good friend Wendy, and she was as keen as I was for the quest. This meant catching public transport but was also a good way to get out of the city. With two cruise ships in Auckland that day, it was also ideal to not be with all the other tourists. Experiencing local culture and activities is why I like to travel.

As fortune would have it, rail repairs meant part of our journey to Otahuhu would be by bus and then train. This took around an hour, travelling through the suburbs. It was a great way to see the local housing and different areas of Auckland, all for the price of a local transit ticket.

Author Helen wearing a blue and white dress standing in front of a colourfully decorated train on a platform in New Zealand

Once arriving at the Otahuhu station, we asked a guard there for directions to the fish and chip shop. Sadly, Foliaki, the guard, said it was too far to walk, we would have to take public transport. Maybe it was the disappointed look on our faces, but I think it was more her overwhelming kind heart that led to the next step of actions.

She called the shop and put in an order for us, then rang a taxi to take us there. When the taxi arrived at the store, the driver waited for us to pick up the order and then drove us back to the train station.

A fish and chip shop with a sign above the store saying Auckland's best Fresh Fish south city sea foods

As we ate our delicious meal sitting on the station, our angel brought us napkins and some bottled water. The meal she recommended was absolutely delicious. The fish was moist and tasty, the chips were crisp on the outside and light and fluffy inside. The potato cakes were real potato and just as perfect. (I don't know about the sausages. We were too full and gave them away to another guard at the station. He did say they were delicious!)

nestled within white paper is a feed of battered fish pieces and crispy chips. A potato cake and two battered sausages complete the meal

Foliaki even had a chat with us about her beloved country and her love of New Zealand. It was a fabulous way to find out more about local life.

Instead of us getting back on a train and bus to the port, she recommended us taking a bus, and asked a train employee that was catching the bus at the same time, to look after us. That chap even gave us a lift from the bus stop to the wharf.

The hospitality offered by the locals and warm heartedness and genuine affection they shared for us is one of the many reasons I love New Zealand.

three women smiling at a camera on a train platform in New Zealand. One is a Maori train guard, the other are the author Helen and her friend Wendy

map of new zealand

Happy Travels!

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Apr 01, 2023

Yumm love fish and chips ! Looks like you found a great place !!! Nice

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