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10 things to see and do in Wellington National Park

Drive 2 ½ hours south of Perth in Western Australia and you will discover the Wellington National Park. The Park has over 17,000 hectares of forest with the Collie River flowing through it. The forest of mature marri, jarrah and blackbutt trees are glorious, tall and proud. Many are over 20 metres tall. The air smells better here, fresh and clear.

There are various marked hiking and walking trails through the Park, varying in length and difficulty, and well signposted.

1. Enjoy nature

Unwind, relax, destress, take it easy. Be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of the forest.

2. Activities

There are many activities to undertake in the Park and can include hiking, bushwalking, kayaking, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, four wheel driving, picnicking, barbeques, and general sightseeing.

3. Camping

I have camped at Honeymoon Pool previously and had a fantastic time. See my article here:

4. Wineries

I called into Green Door wines, as it had been recommended to me by fellow campers. The views are extraordinary they said. They were absolutely spot on. It was also a restaurant and sold coffee. Taking my cappuccino outside, I could delight in the fresh air and a view to be envied. 270 degrees views overlooking grape vines, rolling green hills and happy sheep grazing in the lush pastures.

5. Breweries

Further down the road was the Wild Bull Brewery. As you walk in the door you are welcomed by a ladder displaying warm Loan Blankets to use when you are there. How thoughtful!

The staff were very friendly and informative. They want to educate people about their beers, even if you don’t taste them, they are happy to share their knowledge with you.

I was surprised to see a Lolly Bar (Candy) in a brewery and wondered if a lot of children came there. “Some,” the waiter laughed. “You would be surprised how many adults buy them.” I thought it would be chips (crisps) or peanuts that would go with beer. Who knew!

They also sell food and wood fired pizzas. What a great place to spend a few hours relaxing.

6. Wellington Dam

The Wellington Dam is the second largest man-made reservoir in Western Australia, the first being Lake Argyle. Construction started in the 1930s and enlarged in the 1950s, with the wall being strengthened in 2010. Interesting information poster boards show pictures and detailed stories from those dates. It was amazing to see how primitive the one hundred men lived during their time there. Tents were pitched in the forest near the dam for them to live, eat and sleep in.

From the dam, Leonard Drive is a one way road back to Honeymoon Pool, following along the Collie River. Depending on the amount of water being released from the dam the river is a perfect spot to stop and sight-see or swim in the amazing pools along the way. Flowing over granite rocks, the water is cool and refreshing.

7. King Jarrah Tree

Signposts directed me to the King Jarrah tree, estimated to be between 300 and 500 years old. There is a wooden walkway from the carpark to the tree, which is handy for anyone with mobility issues. The yarri, jarrah and marri trees surrounding this mighty tree, are home to small birds and mammals. If you stand still and listen, you can hear them rustling in the undergrowth, or chirping as they fly overhead.

8. Gnomesville

Nearby was Gnomesville. A unique and surprising display of thousands of gnomes. Read my post here:

9. The Crooked Brook Forest wildflower walk

This walk is a perfect place for a picnic or barbeque, especially in Spring when the wildflowers are in full bloom. Read more at my post here:

10. Drop into the small town of Boyanup

Small towns abound around the National Park. Stop in on one or more and enjoy what they are proud of. The main theme in Boyanup is trains. In 1894 the railway was completed from Perth to Bunbury, and went through this town. Take a photo in front of the Boyanup train near the General Store. Grab a snack or stock up on essential items there as well. Their sausage rolls are scrumptious; delicious lightly spiced meat filling wrapped in golden flaky baked pastry.

The Rustic French Living store sells old vintage treasures from France, and is located in an old church across the road. It is a great place for a browse. I found an enamel paella pan that I had been seeking for ages. They also sell great coffee and sweet treats. If the weather is good, sit outside under the shade of a tree and enjoy a break.

Next door is the store Tree Memories. Inside they sell beautifully custom made furniture from WA timbers and various home wares and gifts.

That is my 10 things to do and see in Wellington National Park. It is a great place to get grounded. Feel free to comment below with any great experiences you have had there, or want to have.

Happy Travels!

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Sylvie McKeon
Sylvie McKeon

The Rustic French Living store would be my weakness 😉 Definitively keeping this on my list.


Judy Rovno

Wow looks like itching to travel my wings are clipped right now due to not only Covid but due to my knee that needs to be replaced, and issues with getting that scheduled.

I hope one day I will to be able to experience the beauty you are showing here, but in the mean time I appreciate traveling through you...Thanks ...LOVE and HUGS

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