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Why live somewhere else for a year?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A lot of times I have been on holidays somewhere and thought, “This place looks so wonderful, I would rather live here that where I currently live.” Who else has ever thought this?

cartoon sketch of a map, plane, two suitcases, a passport and an airline ticket

To live somewhere else for a year is a wonderful way to “trial run” that idea, before you sell everything you have and own. It may have appeared fantastic when you were just briefly there, but on a longer stay it may not be where you want to live forever. By spending a year there, you don’t have to sell or move all your possessions, you can always come back if you choose.

A year will go by quicker than you can imagine, make the most of it.

three old suitcases stacked on top of each other in someones living room

Below are some of the reasons that I am living elsewhere for a year at a time:

· Live through all four different and changing seasons

· Do tourist activities at a slower, yet more intense experience

· Have rest periods between activities, no longer rushing to fit everything into a short space of time

· Take time for self-care

· Use sites, such a Groupon, which have introductory offers to restaurants, attractions and personal care providers. I have found a great hairdresser and masseuse using these sites

· Use sites such as to find locals that share your interests or can help you develop new ones

· Be near family and friends

· Develop ongoing relationships with locals

· Find favorite new places and redo them frequently

· Challenge my way of thinking about certain things, step outside my comfort zone

· Make new friends

· Eat different foods regularly

· Soak up the history, the people and the culture

· More time in a place equals more learning opportunities

· Study

· Volunteer and be appreciated

· Do some paid work (if local laws allow)

· Teach others

· Develop my current skills in new ways i.e. gardening

· Learn local indigenous skills and hobbies

· Learn new skills and hobbies

· Attend lots of local events, fairs, markets, festivals etc.

· Purchase a season ticket to events

· Follow a local sports team each season

· Join a local sporting club

· Learn a new language by using it every day

· Admire and appreciate the different nature and geography to home

· Learn to navigate and familiarise myself with the area, until I no longer need a map to get around

· Live with less. Less clothes, less things that I used to think of as important, less material possessions

At the end of my current year in Perth, I will check back in here and see what other ideas to add to the list.

I like to imagine myself, a year after arriving. I would have lived the year so fully as an immersion traveler, that I would be able to conduct local tours as an expert guide.

Happy Travels!

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