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Unique accommodation in Richmond Tasmania Australia

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Horses and chickens came to greet me at my garden door when staying at Hatchers, near Richmond in Tasmania Australia. How delightful it was to be welcomed to a country retreat in this friendly way.

Horses and chickens came to greet me at my garden door when staying at Hatchers

Hatchers is a very interesting place to stay. Warmly welcomed by owners and their cute dogs, this is not a modern hotel, but a country oasis with old fashioned décor.

If you are a fan of the TV show Fawlty Towers, then this unique venue is sure to delight you.

There are various accommodation styles available here, from separate cottages to large rooms in the sprawling manor. Comfort is definitely the word to use when describing the majestic four poster bed in my large room.

four poster bed at Hatchers Manor Richmond Tasmania Australia

My room had a small kitchette and microwave, which was perfect for making a quick meal or hot beverage. A small fridge was also a welcome sight. Ornately decorated and painted ceilings and sturdy furnishings. The grand staircase in the foyer is quite a sight to see when you first enter.

Grand hotel staircase at Hatchers Manor Richmond Tasmania Australia

In fact, the owners constructed every building here themselves, all on a large scale. What was glorious in the 1980s can seem dated in today’s world, but I feel that it is part of its charm. This would be a good spot to film a movie based around that era.

Hatchers Manor accommodation at Richmond Tasmania Australia

There have been some negative reviews online that say Hatchers is past its heyday. I would somewhat agree, but it has its own unique character. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to stay here for several nights. It is definitely one of those places that you either intensely dislike or truly enjoy.

The gardens and orchard are lovely to walk through, with lots of rose bushes to admire.

Hatchers would definitely improve with an injection of capital and maintenance work, but the worry would be that it would lose its unique charm. This is not a modern, sleek and streamline place to stay, instead it is country charming.

Bedroom at Hatchers Manor accommodation at Richmond Tasmania Australia

Breakfast in the restaurant was delicious, and their poached eggs on toast were perfectly cooked. Other guests said their homemade jam was scrumptious. A quick sneak peek through a set of French doors in the restaurant showed two other large function rooms that would be perfect for weddings and conferences. The restaurant also stocks a good range of Tasmanian wines.

Restaurant dining room at Hatchers Manor Richmond Tasmania Australia

It is lovely to be able to eat and drink on site, then walk back to your room, no driving involved. This is a quiet location, situated just 20 minutes driving distance from Hobart airport. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but to me, it was one of those unique places to stay that makes travelling interesting. I would definitely come back again.

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Happy Travels!

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28 paź 2022

Definitely unique, I loved the 80's!

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