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Spreyton Cider shines in the Apple Isle

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Captain William Bligh is known for his mis-adventures in Mutiny on the Bounty. But did you know that he is to thank for the apple industry in Australia? Way back in 1788, Captain Bligh planted a selection of fruit, including apple seedlings, on Bruny Island in Tasmania. These were the first apple trees planted in Australia.

Apples were important in the early colonial days of Australia. The fruit is rich is antioxidants and dietary fibre, plus helps reduce the risk of developing cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. They taste incredible too.

Tasmanian apples were sought after, with exports travelling far and wide, especially to Europe. Eventually, they were also fermented into refreshingly crisp cider.

Spreyton Cider Co. was launched in 2011, but apples have been grown at Spreyton since 1908. Spreyton Fresh (the parent company) made fresh apple juice from 1998 "with fantastic real apple juice that tasted like apples" - from their website.

an apple orchard where apples are grown on wire in straight rows

This award winning company is one of the few "tree to bottle" cider producers in Australia. Their cider is made without water or artificially added flavours.

Their cellar door at Spreyton is a place that you want to spend hours at. First there is their bar and produce room. Juices and cherries can also be purchased here.

Spreyton apple juice in two litre bottles

A tasting paddle is the best way to sample their various flavours.

The large dining area has a glorious open feeling to it and its full length windows look out over the apple orchards.

tables and chairs in a large outdoor dining room, large full floor to ceiling windows look out onto the orchard

You can get up closer and sit outside on a warm, sunny day. Breath deeply and you may be able to smell the slight aroma of apples in the air.

a wooden table with seats made out of metal barrels sits on gravel in front of the apple trees

An onsite food van can cater for various dietary requirements.

outdoor coffee van with covered dining area and plants growing in pots from the room and in pots on the ground

A self guided walk around the orchards takes around 15 leisurely minutes. Information boards on the journey gives you more detail about the company.

a story board in the orchard tells the story of the Spreyton cider company

The older apple trees in the orchard are left to grow more naturally, whereas the newer ones are in rows. They remind me of how grape vines are grown.

Tasmania is the only fruit-fly free state in Australia. The temperate climate is ideal for growing small fruits, including cherries which are grown on site and able to be seen on the walk.

Weddings are often held here and the orchard is a perfect backdrop for photos.

The cider at Spreyton is fresh and crisp and an all apple taste. They also produce ginger beer, pear cider and apple and raspberry cider.

It is a true pleasure to come to the cellar door and have all this available in one place. All your senses come alive, as you can see and feel the fruit growing, taste and smell the product, and then hear the bubbles in the glass as your mouth starts to salivate with the thought of tasting the crisp cider sweetness.

a sign says welcome to Spreyton cider and tells all about cider

Cnr Sheffield and Melrose Road

Spreyton, Tasmania 7310

Happy Travels!

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