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Singapore's Light and Sound Show - Garden Rhapsody

18 engineered Supertrees, with varying heights from 25 to 50m tall shade passersby during the day and come alive with light and sound at night. Also known as Garden Rhapsody, the supertrees light up at 7.45 and 8.45 each evening and each performance lasts for fifteen minutes. This is a free event. It can be viewed from under the Supertree or from the grove. For a fee. guests can see the show up close from the skywalk. I chose to see it from the grove, and it was spectacular. The ocean breeze cooled down the humid evening, which was welcomed after a hot, tropical and typical Singapore day.

This awesome visual light and sound spectacular was truly amazing. The performance ended with some lively music and lights that danced and swayed with the beat.

After the show, I felt joyful. The songs were bright and upbeat, the lights were amazing. I truly felt at peace and left there a little brighter than before. Music and dance have a profound impact on our emotions, and the designers of Garden Rhapsody have really done an incredible job.

The supertrees are more than concrete pillars, they hold living plants such as ferns, vines and orchids. Over 200 different species and over 150,000 plants live on the supertrees. They also have solar energy collectors at the top of each tree and can use this energy for lighting and operating fountains. They intake air and also serve an exhaust function for the nearby Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, the airconditioned conservatories within Gardens by the Bay.

All the technical stuff aside, they are beautiful, day or night. At various times of the year, they have different themed shows.

Happy Travels!

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Judy Rovno

Many spectacular things in Singapore I hope I can go one day!!


Judy Rovno

How amazing.. certainly a work of art … amazing what human beings can conjure up .. you were blessed to see it.👍🥰

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