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Product recommendation - Travel Squeeze bottles

These squeeze bottles I use for both camping and travelling. They hold 60ml of liquid so are TSA compliant, which means you can carry them in your onboard luggage when flying.

They are leak proof with a non-drip cap, and that is so handy when packing in cases with clothing etc. I have had containers leak on me before and it is no fun to open your suitcase and have to worry about washing everything because your shampoo or other liquid has spilt on them.

You can even wash the bottles in a dishwasher. Just do not put any liquids in them containing alcohol, such as hair serums or oils. I use mine for shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

With the cap on, the bottles are only 6.5cm long, holding enough product for about a week.

I only ever recommend products that I personally use, and these are a favourite of mine.

If you order more than $100 at the mydeal website using the link above, use this code: SOLOTRAVEL10 to receive $10 off.

Happy Travels!

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Jan 22, 2022

Hi Helen

Can you give me a call on this



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