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Product recommendation - Selfie stick tripod

When travelling solo, getting photos of yourself can be difficult. Often we hold the phone at arms length for a selfie, and only get a partial shot.

Or we ask a stranger to take a photo, and risk getting the camera or phone stolen. This tripod is ideal to solve these problem. With up to 10 metres distance with the remote control, or as an extra long selfie stick you can be finally in the picture. It is also suitable for cameras and gopros. Made of an aluminum alloy, it is light, but has a load bearing weight of 20kgs.

This works with most smart phones on the market. The tripod easily fits into my backpack when I am on daytrips.

If you order more than $100 at the mydeal website using the link above, use this code: SOLOTRAVEL10 to receive $10 off.

Happy Travels!

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