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Product recommendation - Laundry detergent sheets

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

No more spilling of liquid or powder. No more carrying heavy boxes and bottles of laundry powder. These Ultra concentrated sheets with detergent, fabric softener and static control all in one sheet are perfect when you travel. They are fantastic space savers.

I found they clean my clothes wonderfully and the sheet dissolves in the wash. Suitable for hot and cold washes, also safe for septic tanks. You can also purchase them unscented.

One packet contains 32 sheets and takes up little space. Use 1 sheet for a 2.5kg washing machine, half a sheet for handwashing.

Perfect for travellers, they are also ideal if you don't want to carry heavy boxes or bottles of detergent from shop to home. Plus, did I mention how well they store?

If you order more than $100 at the mydeal website using the link above, use this code: SOLOTRAVEL10 to receive $10 off.

Happy Travels!

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