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Myalup's Painted Kangaroos

What could be more Australian than a kangaroo and a meat pie? Add them together, which is what the Miami Bakehouse at Myalup has done, and you have a great place to grab a feed and experience some awesome artwork. Indulge your senses here. Smell the delicious aroma of cooking pies, taste the produce, listen to the calls of native birds, see the painted kangaroos, reach out and touch the art.

Outside their bakery on the Old Coast Road, one and a half hours south of Perth, the lawns are decorated with 16 uniquely painted kangaroos. Each kangaroo has KangaArt information on a plaque next to it, and a Q-reader code where you can learn more about the artist. It is a marvellous tourism idea, and a fantastic way to showcase the works of various artists and celebrities.

One of the other visitors admiring the kangaroos asked me, “Which is your favourite?” It was impossible to choose, they are all so beautiful and each one is uniquely different. (words in italics below are copied from the information at the venue)

Artist Wendy Binks “hails from Denmark is the South West of WA. Her distinctive painting style with Australian animals is full of pure joy. Her signature emus feature here alongside a possum, cockatoo, numbat and echidna”. I loved how she incorporated the cockatoo eyes as the eyes of the kangaroo.

Artist Vicki Sangsters work was inspired by John Worsfold. “Vicki has included tremendous detail of this famous AFL Grand Final match where the West Coast Eagles defeated the Sydney Swans by one point. This was one of the many highlights of his football career. He was head coach and this was a sweet victory. John sketched the idea for the design himself.” Look carefully at the kangaroos feet, he is wearing football boots.

Artist Samantha Prentice is a huge fan of the Wiggles and they inspired this artwork.

Artist Marta Galindo was inspired by Matthew Pavlich, former Australian Football League player and Captain – Fremantle Dockers. “Marta specialises in oil and acrylic landscapes. Here, she has captured Matthew Pavlich’s love of all things Fremantle in this iconic seascape of the fishing boat harbour.”

Artist Catia Dolzadeli painted “a dramatic landscape against the brilliant blue skies we love of Australia.”

Artist Sarah Long “is a self taught artist who has worked commercially since her early teens… Her art provides a balance to her full-time work as a Genetic Counsellor.”

Artist Steph Mateo was inspired by Australian comedian, actor and writer – Peter Rowsthorn. “As a stand-up comedian Peter wanted his design to reflect his love of Cabaret performance. And who better to inspire this? Dean Martin of course.” If you look closely at the kangaroo you will find lyrics painted in as well.

This is a quick summary of seven of the sixteen amazing KangaArts. Check out the rest of them if you are able to travel to Myalup. First bounding into display nine months ago, they are a permanent exhibition now, and may sometimes hop along to the other Perth Miami Bakery stores for short visits.

Oh, and while you are there, wrap your laughing gear (mouth) around some tucker (food). It is bonza mate! (delicious my friend!)

Happy Travels!

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