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My favourite coffee shops in Devonport Tasmania Australia

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Coffee is subjective. Each person can have a different interpretation of what makes a good coffee. In rating my coffee shops of Devonport, I looked not just for taste and satisfaction in the actual product. A good coffee shop should be clean, offer something different to other venues, be individual, have friendly and competent staff and be somewhere that I enjoy visiting and want to come back to, again and again.

Giocondo Coffee Roasters at Verona Restaurant and Wine Bar

My absolute favourite. They roast their beans on the premises, which means the smell when you walk past the door on roasting days seems to reach out and welcome you to come inside.

The staff are incredible, the friendliest in town. This is a big call as there are so many friendly places to visit. The first time I came here with a friend, the Italian chef actually came to our table to ask how we liked the meal. (I could rave on about their seafood pizza for ages - the crust, the flavours - bellisimo!) We had a conversation about Italy and coffee. The next time I went, he remembered me and we continued our previous conversation. It is this sort of service that makes customers become loyal.

In winter there is a warm fire in their large atrium two storey restaurant behind the store front. A truly delightful dining experience.

5 Rooke St Devonport


In the alley just behind Giocondo is this Aladdins treasure cave. Seemingly small from the roadway, it belies the rustic-chic interior. The first time I came a diner greeted me like an old friend. I was wondering "have I met them before?" It was one of the wait staff on their own break, welcoming people as they entered. Such a delightful first impression. The food was delicious and filling. The coffee was perfect. This venue can be a bit tricky to locate, but well worth the discovery.

Best for: breakfast, brunch and lunch

Cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

2/38 Steele St, Devonport

Fundamentally Espresso

The sign of a good coffee shop is one that locals recommend and visit themselves. There is no table seating, only stools near a wall bench indoors. However, as most locals get take away from here, there is no real demand for table seating. The menu range is limited and the food is absolutely delicious.

Best for: Breakfast, brunch and lunch

6 Edward Street, Devonport

Vice Coffee

Another small coffee shop, it is always crowded in the mornings with locals ordering their morning brews. When you exit the shop, look down the street to your right and you may just see the Spirit of Tasmania in port, the ferry that transports people, cargo and vehicles across Bass Strait to and from Victoria.

Best for: takeout, some seating is available

41 Stewart Street, Devonport

Libbys Café

To be honest, I probably would have passed this café by if a local hadn’t told me about it. Unlike the décor of several other venues, this café was quite stark. Never just a book by its cover, or a café by its décor. The food here was absolutely hearty and delicious, the coffee was made exactly how I ordered it.

Best for traditional Australian food, including milkshakes

Shop 4 The Hub Arcade, 44 Rooke Street, Devonport


Speaking of décor, this café is a delight for the eyes. From their eclectic collection of clocks, the gorgeous tiled backsplash, look up, down and around. Colorful, varied and delightful is this shop with dining indoors and outdoors. A wonderful Aghan feel, it is like dining with friends.

Serving Middle Eastern and Korean food

77 Rooke St (the mall), Devonport

Marion Storm

Located at the Bass Strait Maritime Centre this coffee shop has indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoors is the best seat in the house, as you look out over perfect green grass to the brilliant blues of the ocean.

6 Gloucester Ave, Devonport

Leaping Goat Coffee Co

A five minute drive from Devonport will bring you to Quoiba where Leaping Goat roast beans on the premises. They sell bags of beans and a great cup of coffee. They also stock a range of coffee making devices and accessories for the home coffee enthusiast.

2 Ferguson Drive, Quoiba

Bonus: Smiley Cup - bubble tea and juices

Not a coffee shop, but should be included in a list of places to quench your thirst in Devonport. This bubble tea venue is owned by the same people from the Vietnamese restaurant at 153 Rooke St, where I had lunch during my wanderings. Very friendly staff at both venues

55 Rooke St (the mall), Devonport

My latte at Fundamentals - a perfect brew. Ahhh coffee!

Happy Travels!

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Walter J Van Praag
Walter J Van Praag
Dec 07, 2021

Great cafe guide!!! Must try the Cat Cafe. Speaking of cats... My favourite cafe is a bit out of town, it's Play Fish in Forbes Street. No cats there but I can take my little dog Lily for brunch in their cozy courtyard :)

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