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Mr D'z Route 66 diner and a Dream Machine Museum in Kingman Arizona

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

While there is an abundance of restaurants and eateries in Kingman, my favorite would have to be Mr D'z Route 66 diner. This 50s style diner was once popular all along Route 66, and stepping inside this Kingman diner feels like stepping back in time. The menu is in the shape of a record, which is a cute 1950s touch. The diner is so popular it was awarded the 2022 Travelers Choice award with

a menu shaped like a record. Around the edges are tracks, just like those on a record. In the centre is the worlds Mr. D;s Route 66 diner and various cartoon sketches of a convertible car, a mug of route beer and a cheeseburger and fries

Hearty food such as meatloaf, chicken fried steak, ribs and coconut shrimp, spaghetti, fries, onion rings etc. are all delicious. There are vegetarian options available as well. Desserts are nostalgic as well, with banana splits and sundaes a favorite. I dined here with friends, and they enjoyed the banana peanut butter milk shake. The portions are large, reasonably priced and served quickly.

one page of a round menu. With a pink background, it lists the entrees and pasta dishes available and recommends a banana split or sundae as a dessert. A photo of one of the hot dishes is on the right hand side of the menu.

Inside dining options include booths, tables and chairs or seats at the counter. In warmer weather, outdoor seating where diners can watch the cars traversing route 66 can sit and eat.

There are several static cars outside with Route 66 logos that are popular selfie props for tourists.

outdoor wooden tables and benches are painted pink and aqua as is the building. A sign promoting Mr.D'z along with a sketch of a car, root beer jug, burger and fries is on top of the building.

Next door is the Dunton Motors the dream machines museum. This is a classic auto museum that buys and sells various collectable vehicles. I do not know much about cars, but these machines are worth a admiring look at. For a small donation, it is an awesome place for a quick visit either before or after dining at Mr. D’z. Just have a look at some of these beautiful cars.

From a Ford vehicle over 100 years old....

The hand painted sign on the windshield of this car states that it is over 100 years old. The licence plate proudly claims that it has driven the whole of route 66. This black ford is in an immaculate restored condition in the Dream Machines museum in Kingman.

to more "modern" classics.

a restored vehicle from the 1950s sits with its hood open. the engine is pristine clean. the vehicle has two doors and is a light aqua green in colour with a white soft roof.
A black 2 door racing car has red and yellow signs on its hoot. Dunton Motors 1946, Kingman Arizona and the words Willy Fast, plus a route 66 shield. The words are also written on the door of the car. The hood is up showing the racing car engine.
a shiny black two door car from the 1960s is in immaculate condition. its hood is raised to show a pristinely clean engine.
A shiny covertable chevrolet corvette. Red paint with a white flash on the sides, it is in immaculate condition standing on the floor of the Dream Machines museum in Kingman Arizona.
A shiny covertible chevrolet corvette. Red paint with the corvette name in metal letters on its front hood, along with the corvette flags, it is in immaculate condition standing on the floor of the Dream Machines museum in Kingman Arizona.

I can just see myself cruising along route 66 in one of these outstanding automobiles. Ah, maybe one day! In the meantime, I can just ogle and fantasize about the Dream Machines in the museum after enjoying the delicious meal at Mr. D'z right next door.

Happy Travels!

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