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Hop along to 7 Sheds Brewery in Railton, Tasmania, Australia

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Have you ever wanted to own your own brewery? I have heard many people say they want to, but few actually do. Imagine my surprise when I have discovered that there are quite a few people in Tasmania who have actually taken that step and are brewery owners. It will be my pleasure to visit most of these micro breweries and share their details with my readers. (Someone has to do it after all!)

In the 1990s Catherine moved to Tasmania from Canberra and Willie from New Zealand. They called Railton their home since 2003, and since 2008 are the proud owners of the 7 Sheds Brewery and cellar door.

Situated right in town, this lovely venue also has a hops garden. People can wander through and see how hops are grown. Indoor seating is available for tastings, but it is the outdoor verandah overlooking the garden that gets the most use. In March each year Catherine and Willie host an open day when people can assist in picking the hops. Music and hot food are available on this day as well, to really celebrate. Guests often compete with each other making baskets from the vines.

There is even a hop imp in the garden made from the vines. These imps are traditionally made in hop growing areas in Europe. They are burnt in the depth of winter to celebrate the death of winter and the beginning of the next growing season.

Catherine and Willie started the business from scratch. Willie was a home brewer and had a dream to open a cellar door. There he could meet great people, and sell them his wonderful beer. In 2008 they build a tasting room and the current brewery. Willie said, "Owning a brewery is like running a marathon. You don't know when the pain will hit, how bad it will be or if you will finish." Indeed, they have been highly successful.

Their first beer was a full flavoured beer called Kentish ale. It was so popular that they quickly ran out of beer.

More of a nano brewery, their annual production in the last 12 months was around 20,000L of beer. 75-80% of this was bottled, and the rest served in kegs.

Catherine and Willie enjoy people coming to their cellar door. They said that the bike trails in the area have increased visitation.

Willie also enjoys making mead and trying new flavours of beer.

The Kentish ale, at 5.2%, has a malty character and the hops flavours really sing to your tastebuds.

The Mole Kriek beer is made from cherries grown locally at Mole Creek. It is crisp and refreshing.

7 Sheds Brewery were the first people in Tasmania to make hemp seed beer. It has a malty flavour and a nutty creaminess.

With cocoa sourced from the nearby Anvers chocolate factory they make a cocoa beer. You can also buy this beer at Anvers.

Tasting paddles are a great way to experience the different taste sensations. If the beer gives you a hunger, in spring they also make lunch snacks such as toasties for you at the cellar door. There are some non alcoholic drinks available for the designated driver.

Take the risk, come down the driveway and experience a boutique beer brewery run by some fascinating people with interesting stories to tell. You aren't just buying beer here, you are buying a story.

22 Crockers St, Railton, Tasmania

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