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Frolicking good fun at Injidup beach and natural spa, Western Australia

Injidup Natural Spa at Wyadup Rocks, Yallingup is a secret place that usually only locals know about. The name Injidup comes from the aboriginal Nyoongar word for the lovely red pea flower (Templetonia retusa) that grows along the limestone cliffs in spring. From the carpark you clambour over rocks and walking paths formed by the feet of multitudes of people over the years. To the left is the beach that is long and wide enough so that everyone can have their own space. The gorgeous blue ocean is a favourite of surfers.

Here you will often find small rock pools that appear and disappear depending on the season. These are perfect bathing spots for people who want to swim without tackling waves.

Head to the right and climb down a wall of boulders that are smooth and fairly easy to navigate. You simply hop from one safe looking boulder to the next safe looking one.

This is where you will find the the naturally occuring rock pool and natural spa.The clear waters reveal submerged rocks and the sandy bottom. Boulders surrounding the rock pool are perfect sit to sit upon and gaze out at the beauty here.

The large waves of the dark blue ocean do not reach the spa area directly due to a natural rock barrier. They crash over the rocks and tumble down in to the rockpool. The rock pool is shallow enough to stand up in.

The crystal clear waters are still until white foamy water rushes down well worn groves through the gaps in the rocks. The waves sound like thunder as they crash over the rocks.

I watched a mother and daughter brave the waters then decided to take the plunge myself after they told me the water was warm. Upon first contact I thought, "those bloody liars. This is cold!" Once fully immersed however it was splendid. Each time the waters cascaded into the pool and over my body, my skin tingled. This was fun. Then another surge, followed by an even bigger one. The waters felt invigorating and I laughed aloud with the sheer delight of this moment. It is a happy place with lots of laughter as people get soaked from above as well as below.

Asking someone to take a photo of me meant I was relying on them to get a good shot. They took a movie which just goes to show how delightful the spa experience was.

Injinup is a beautiful place to visit. Make sure you bring your swimmers because it is irresistable to get in and enjoy yourself. The natural spa is totally free, as are all beaches in Australia.

Happy Travels!

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