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Ewe will enjoy Northampton, Western Australia

I love country towns. Places that others may drive through on the way to somewhere distant really intrigue me. There is almost always a story in a small town. 52kms (32mi) drive, about 40 minutes north of Geraldton in Western Australia, the small town of Northampton definitely has an interesting tale, or should I say tail, to share.

Ewe Turn is a community arts project established in 2018 to create unity, a vibrant local attraction and the recognition of the sheep industry of the Shire. Plus, it is really cute to venture around town and see some or all of the 50 painted sheep, lamb and kelpie statues. A kelpie is an Australia breed of sheepdog, excellent at mustering sheep. There have been live sheep grown in the area since 1850 and the town was gazette in 1864.

I obtained a free map of the walk trail from Ian at the Railway Tavern and he shared a few fascinating travel tales of his own over a drink. He has a sheep statue in his bar area. (Or is that baa area?)

The Ewe Turn walk around town takes about 1 ½ hours to do in total. The brochure lists the name of the statue and the decorators.

My favourite was Ambewelance (by M. Kinsella) at the St Johns Ambulance building.

Closely followed by the boy in blue Crime stopper (by J. Pasalaqua) outside the police station.

The walk around town also gives you the chance to see other interesting parts of Northampton. Coffee shops line the main street here. There is a native plant and bush garden to wander through. In the Mary Street railway precinct you will find old rail carriages housing a display of historical railway memorabilia. The old stone Sacred Heart Convent in Hampton Road was designed by priest and architect Monsignor Hawes in 1919. It is now utilised for backpacker accommodation.

With a population of only 816 (2016 census), Northampton has a large presence. See ewe there!

Happy Travels!

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