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Divine Delectables at Coffee Cake and Collectables in Sisters Creek, Tasmania, Australia

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

When out exploring the countryside, it is an absolute pleasure to come across a true Tasmanian delight. An old building, reminiscent of a local town hall, seemed plain on the outside, but inside! The décor, the food and the vintage wares were all truly amazing. It was the prices that also surprised, they were very affordable.

Stepping inside I was delightfully astonished at the décor. The walls were adorned to the ceiling with framed old portrait photographs. The seating was in a style long passed but still enjoyed. The warm open log fire was a truly enjoyable way to keep warm whilst dining here, as well as a delight to watch the flames dance.

The hardest part was what food to choose from. A range of donuts, slices, scones, biscuits, cakes, toasted sandwiches and pies were all on offer. All products are made here on site, with gluten free and vegan options available. Take aways are available and I saw every departing person carrying a box of delectable treasures to be enjoyed later. You can only eat so much whilst dining in.

Afterwards, you can choose from their homemade icecream or one of the sweet lollies from the jars lined up on the wall. Such an old fashioned but wonderful way to display them.

I chose the sugar free scones, jam and cream. My local Tasmanian friend Martin had told my friend Terese and myself about the delights of this venue. Terese and I had driven past a few days ago whilst exploring the area and were unaware of the Aladdin’s cave within. Do not let the plain exterior fool you, the inside is where the gems are. Martin always orders a milkshake here. He loves the malted flavours they add, the low price, and that they offer you the mixing container so that you may top up your frothy liquid gold.

Old tins adorn shelves, menus are written in plain chalk on a blackboard, all offering to the nostalgic atmosphere. Prices are correct as at 2021.

After ordering food it is almost a necessity to step into the room next door and be dazzled by the vintage collectables. Tea sets, retro and vintage kitchen wares, pottery and condiment sets are just part of the offerings. It is similar to stepping foot into a museum, a true trip back through time.

Different venues you visit often have the latest magazines available to read while you dine in. Here, the magazines you can browse through are from the 50s and 60s. It is interesting to see what people were reading in those long ago days. Even their cash register is an operating antique. (EFTPOS is available)

Cuppa, Cakes and Collectables advertise that their food is old style cooking, just like “Nan” used to make! How absolutely true. This is another treasured Tasmanian venue that I will visit again, and I look forward to introducing others to as well.

Cuppa, Cake and Collectables

Open 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week

17894 Bass Highway, Sisters Creek, Tasmania

Happy Travels!

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Walter J Van Praag
Walter J Van Praag
Jul 19, 2021

Wow, that is a must motorbike ride destination for me this summer!

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