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Taste the delights of Desert Diamond Distillery in Kingman Arizona USA

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Opening in 2009 the Desert Diamond Distillery located in Kingman Arizona, USA is a top tier nano distillery, making award winning spirits including rum, whiskey and vodka. This is Arizona’s oldest craft distillery. It is large enough to produce incredible tasting spirits, yet small enough to retain a welcoming atmosphere and inviting presence. Visting this distillery felt like I was dropping in to catch up with old friends.

a whiskey glass featuring the D3 symbol for Desert Diamond Distillery sits on a wooden counter. A small tasting of spirits in the bottom. On the shelves behind are bottles of the spirits available for sale at this cellar door

Everything Desert Diamond entered in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco competitions has won a medal. In 2021 they won with their six- and ten-year rum. There is a worldwide following of their products as tourists purchase goods and take them home. They export to St Croix and the UK, as well as shipping within Arizona.

Of course, the best way to get some is to visit their cellar door in Kingman itself. Either in a tour group or by dropping in yourself.

Tours of the distillery can be arranged by contacting Desert Diamond Distillery direct. Stepping in where all the action takes place feels a bit like stepping into a Willy Wonka factory for grownups. The smells from this area are amazing. You can almost taste the flavors in the air.

behind the scenes of the distillery is where the action happens in these stainless steel and copper vats.

There is a luxurious and stylish vibe to this venue once you step inside the doors. This is part of the reason it has become a favorite of both locals and visitors.

the tasting bar at the distillery is wood with brass trimmings. four comfortable leather stools like up in front of the bar. The walls are painted blue on one side and a pale orange on the other. The back  wall behind the bar is full of bottles for customers to buy the products. A comfortable red and another black chair are in the foreground, to relax in even more comfort

Using a molasses-based fermentation and new wood barrels of white or French oak, a delicious tasting alcohol is produced. The new aged moonshine has a buttery popcorn taste. The 7 years wheat whiskey has smooth tomes with a hint of citrus and cinnamon. The 2-year corn whiskey doesn’t have the burn usually associated with a young drink.

The new aged moonshine has a buttery popcorn taste. The 7 years wheat whiskey has smooth tomes with a hint of citrus and cinnamon. The 2-year corn whiskey doesn’t have the burn usually associated with a young drink.

Vanilla extract, either a mild white run or a dark robust run are also made here.

Selling their award-winning spirits is complimented by a variety of exceptional tasting products that are boutique style. Specialty foods by Stonewall Kitchen can be purchased here, such as Pina Colada mixes bloody mary mixes and Wild Maine blueberry syrup.

jars of spirit mixes sit on a shelf. 2 wide and 2 deep on the left contain blueberry lemon mint mixer, three wide and two deep on the right contain pina colada mixer
six jars of bloody mary mixer sit on a shef, three wide and two deep. the one of the left is Cucumber Dill flavour, the middle one Peppadew Sriracha and the one on the right is another Cucumber Dill flavour

Locally made chocolates from In Good Taste can be sampled and bought. Different flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegars are often hard to come by. The variety from Veronica's Foods of California that is available here is outstanding. The hardest part is which ones to choose.

bottles of olive oil stand behind silver testers of extra virgin olive oils and vinegars, as stated on a sign. they are all different flavours of botanical herbs

Several old train carriages stand next to the cellar door building. One has been converted into a gorgeous cozy, and possibly very romantic, bed and breakfast accommodation.

an old railway carriage has been converted into a bed and breakfast. a large bed with white and cream linen rests near a white square bathub. The wooden floors are complimented with waist high wooden walls, then the walls are white to the ceiling. the doors and windows are trimmed with brown wood.

The accommodation has the cutest retro kitchen to go along with the old fashioned but modern theme.

a retro kitchen in the converted railway carriage that is now a bed and breakfast. Staying with the blue theme is a small bar fridge, microwave, coffee maker and cupboard. A toaster and tea and coffee supplies sits on top of the cupboard.

Other railway carriages are used for dining and group functions. They are slowly being renovated over time to both be practical and yet retain the romance and glory of their original designs.

elegant four seats at a wooden table on a train carriage

Whether driving along the old Route 66, or visiting the Kingman/Las Vegas area, drop into the Desert Diamond Distillery and do you taste buds a flavor favor.

map of location of Kingman in USA

Happy Travels!

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