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Coffee with cats in Devonport Tasmania Australia

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

On my recent research of coffee shops to visit in Devonport, I was recommended several times to The Cat Lounge. I had never visited a pet café before, and this is one of only two in Tasmania. The other is in Hobart.

The Cat Lounge makes sure the cats are in a happy and healthy environment. Visitors can sit in the café style lounge area and play with any of the eight cats. The cats love being patted and stroked. They rule here, if they want to play they will, otherwise, you can choose another cat to be entertaining with. It was actually relaxing to sit and watch them play while drinking a coffee. They have many different activities and places for the cats to play here, including up the wall.

There are many animal cafes around the world, the first one opened in Taiwan in 1998 and focused on cats. In various countries, you can go to a dog, rabbit, owl, sheep, hedgehog, raccoon, bird and even a reptile café.

Each person has a different reason for coming to this venue. One mum came with her two daughters as they could not have pets in their rental property and she wanted her children to interact with animals.

The other group was a lovely young girl in her 20s and her carer. She is on the NDIS and visits each Tuesday with her carer. She knew all the cats names, their temperments and their favourite toys. I asked her what she most liked about visiting the Cat Lounge and she replied, “It calms me down”. Good for her and good for Devonport to have this interesting venue.

There are therapeutic benefits from this social experience of associating with animals. It lowers your heart rate, can feel peaceful and connects you with the cat and the other people in the room. While here you can also play chess or cards with friends.

Some of the cats were happy for me to take a picture of them, others were definitely copping an attitude of "nope, no posing for photos today!"

They also have a small range of cat merchandise for cat lovers to purchase. It is a good place to buy gifts for the cat lover that you know.

It is worth dropping in and checking out this purrrfect, and different type of coffee shop.

Please note there is an admission fee.

152B William St, Devonport

Happy Travels!

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23 ene 2023

My niece would love this.

Me gusta
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