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Classic Cars and more in Laughlin Nevada USA

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

For some it will be a trip down memory lane, for a few of us it will be the chance to view up close the vehicles that we wanted to own, and for others it will be an opportunity to admire the restoration of beautiful machines. Browsing through the Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum Auto Exhibit is an undeniable feast for the eyes.

a 1970 chevelle painted red with white trim on the hood stands surrounded by glistening antique motor vehicles. A sign in front gives details of the car and trophies it has won are also on display with the sign
a 1937 red convertible cord speedster. With a white interior and white trimmed tyres, it has silver trim and is in an immaculate condition. A sign giving details of the car and trophies sits next to the car.

Over 30,000 square feet of hall space houses the exhibition located on the third floor of the Riverside Casino south tower. There are over 100 vehicles here, mainly cars and motor bikes. Each one is well labelled with the year, type and details of the vehicle, and who it is owned by. A lot of the displays here are on loan from private collectors. It was a pleasure to not just be able to admire the pristine condition of the displays, but also to learn some information about each one.

four black Ford vehicles from the 1929 to 1930s are in a line. They have been fully restored and each glistens. Signs in front of the cars give details on their history.

Whether an antique, a classic or a collector’s vehicle, there is something here to attract most car enthusiasts and admirers. Don Laughlin, the owner of the casino and the man whom the town is named after, is an avid automobile collector.

Looking at the 1904 Holsman 2-cylinder motor, it makes you realise how far the automobile industry has come in just over 100 years. Could the early designers of the Holsman has conceived of electric vehicles? It also makes me wonder what people will be using for transport one hundred years from now.

the 1904 Holsman looks like a buggy on wheels. It is an open carriage with one black seat. The thin red spokes of the tyres are like bicycle wheels, and covered with a thin white rubber on the outside. The headlights are two mounted from lamps.

Anyone who has seen the move Back to the Future will recognize the 1981 Delorean on display. I remember watching the movie and wishing I could be seated next to Michael J. Fox in this futuristic looking machine.

The delorean car is a highly polished silver two door vehicle. The doors lift upwards rather than sideways, and one of the doors is raised so the black interior can be viewed. a sign next to the vehicle gives some information about its manufacturing dates and that it is on display courtesy of private owners.

If a vehicle is available for purchase, there is a for sale sign and price noted on its information board.

a marriage trap buggy that would have been pulled by a horse has a for sale sign on it for just over $143,000. It was used to film a John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara movie - The Quiet Man in 1952 in Ireland
a black four door 1934 Ford delux vehicle that is the same model that was used by Bonnie and Clyde is for sale for $81,600.Its hood is raised to enable better viewing of the 85 horsepower engine. The doors are open to see the brown interior. The wheels are red spokes with black outer and white inner rubber tyres.

Some of the machines have a fascinating story attached to them. The 1980 Honda Gold Wing motorbike on loan, is owned by Emilio Scotto. From 1985 to 1995 he travelled the world on this bike, having circled the world clockwise and counterclockwise consecutively. He covered 735,000 kms (460,000 miles) and visited 232 countries. Emilio is listed in the Guiness book of world records as the King of the Road. The bike is estimated to cost $3.5 million dollars.

A goldwing honda motorbike covered in stickers stands before a map of the world with the route that Emilio Scotto traversed twice on it. There is also a display board of some of the photos he took on his adventures over ten years, and his clothing he wore.

There are also tow trucks, children’s pedal cars, Star Wars costumes, toy cars, space station badges and antique gaming tables on display in the hall. As you exit, there is a giftshop selling souvenirs and food items.

a childrens 1953 corvette pedal car. It is a white covertible with red trim, including a red seat. The steering wheel is also white and it fits one child.
three wall display boards show a series of badges and photographs from the space station and NASA.
three antique gaming tables from the 1800s and early 1900s are on display, including a roulette table.

For a $3USD entry fee, it is a small investment to wander through and admire the displays. It takes around an hour to walk through the hall. As I left, I could only fantasize about owning and driving one of these fabulous dream machines.

There are a few more ever-changing vehicles located in a small show room on the ground floor near the north tower, as well as a collection of antique slot machines. This is just the start of the amazing things to see and do at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin Nevada USA.

Happy Travels!

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