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Over 150 Georgian Sandstone Buildings from the 1800s are located in Oatlands Tasmania Australia

Over 150 sandstone buildings still survive, in Oatlands. Eighty-seven alone are along the main street and are now repurposed into private residences, cafes, bars, bakeries, antiques, arts and crafts and shops.

Oatlands offers visitors the opportunity to connect with history, having Australia’s largest collection of Georgian sandstone buildings in one township. It is wonderful to see the care that has enabled these old buildings to be conserved and utilised for almost two hundred years. This is old by Australian building standards, as European settlers only started to emigrate to the land down under from 1788. Indigenous aboriginals have lived in Australia for over 65,000 years. They did not build housing in the traditional European manner.

Information plaques are located throughout the town with excellent information on the different properties. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Oatlands, and supported by the Southern Midlands Council, they provided just enough knowledge for visitors to get a snapshot of the history and current usage of the properties.

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