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20 Reasons to live a year in Tasmania

I am considering my next destination to spend a year. Tasmania is an awesome state in Australia, and I have visited many times. Here are my 20 reasons to live a year in Tasmania.

1. The pace of life is slow and relaxed

2. The locals are friendly

3. Stunning natural scenery

4. Booming culinary and cultural scene

5. Affordable housing

6. Freshest air in the world

7. Gorgeous landscapes

8. Fishing

9. Over 2000 kms of walking tracks

10. 1/3 of the island is national parks and reserves and world heritage sites

11. Thriving wine and whiskey scene

12. You can drive from north to south in 3 hours

13. MONA – Museum of old and new art

14. Locally grown produce

15. Safe

16. History

17. Lots of small town festivals

18. SNOW

19. Great local markets

20. Fantastic craft groups and social activities

Can you add any more? I would love to read your comments

Happy Travels!

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