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10 Reasons to Live A Year in Perth

Have you ever gone somewhere for a holiday or vacation, using up your 1-4 week break in a rush to fit in all the sights, smells, tastes, adventures and experiences? By the end you were totally exhausted, both physically and mentally, desiring nothing more than to go back to work for a rest.

Once home, your break seemed a lifetime away, and you spent the next year dreaming of those few wonderful weeks away?

I wanted to do my travel differently. I want to do a year in a city. Not just be a tourist – but to become an immersion traveler. Immersion travel allows you to become a part of your destination, to live and experience like a local. It allows you to enjoy the destination on a casual and relaxed basis. You can interact and build relationships with locals, take time to wander and discover new places and events of interest, learn a new language, and build upon the foundation of your knowledge of this wonder.

I intend to set myself up in a different town, for a year, in order to enjoy a long term knowledge of this city. By being here for 4 seasons, I get to experience the different phases of the beauty of my new home. This year will see me post about being a mature solo traveler, and about a year in Perth.

10 reasons I picked Perth:

1. Isolation.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the state that takes up a third of the continent. It is also the most isolated capital city in the world.

2. Friendly People.

The greater Perth area has over 2.5 million people as at 2019, and the people are laid back and very friendly. So, top notch facilities that you get in a large city, spread out so it is easy to navigate.

3. Sunshine and beaches.

With an average of 8 hours sunshine a day and Mediterranean like weather, you can enjoy the many white sand beaches and swim in the warm turquoise Indian Ocean. There are so many beaches it is easy to find yourself often the only person on the beach. More sunshine means more outdoor activities, a definite plus in my calendar.

4. Weather.

Did I mention sunshine? Also, there is no snow, it rarely gets below 7 degrees C (45F) and the average temperature is 24C (77F).

5. There is a LOT to do in Perth.

Being a smaller capital that the 3 larger ones on the east coast, it is easy to navigate and get to places. Each week I will be blogging about things to do in Perth and surrounding areas.

6. History.

Do you think James Cook discovered Australia in 1770, think again? The Dutch were sailing the coast of Western Australia 2 centuries prior to Cook. Shipwrecks, museums, convicts, immigration – there is lots and lots to see and do if you love history.

7. Fremantle.

(Or Freo as the locals call it) Lonely Planet has voted Fremantle as one of the 10 ten cities in the world to visit. This bohemian city has breweries, whiskey bars, markets, festivals, pubs, restaurants, a lively coffee scene, live music, eclectic shops, beautiful parks, the Dockers football club, amazing art scene and fantastic passionate people. Seated on one of the many outdoor tables along the Cappuccino Strip, watching people and cars slowly pass by is a fantastic way to spend any evening, winter or summer. (A blog totally dedicated to Fremantle will be published later this year)

8. Sunsets.

Watch the ochre sun say goodnight to this day as it sets in the West, gently kissing the Indian Ocean as it disappears from view. Glorious, and there is one every evening!

9. Rottnest Island.

Ferries travel daily to Rottnest Island, a short 18kms off the coast of WA. Rottnest has Quokkas (pictured below), cute small marsupials, sea lions and seals. There are lots of beaches, and have a very holiday vibe to it. Great for a day trip or an extended stay.

10. Surrounding areas of Perth.

There are many interesting towns, each with their own fascinating stories and events, within a few hours of Perth. This is perfect for day trips, weekend trips or a bit longer. (Stay tuned: More about these in future blogs this year)

Happy Travels!

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