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Why I love my electric bike

I truly love my ebike, so much that I want to give it a name. Owning an ebike makes me ride more often, get fitter, feel the freedom and have a whole lot of fun. I have always enjoyed riding a pushbike. Yet as I got older it became harder to ride. The hills seem to get steeper and I found myself getting off the bike and having to push it up said hills. Then I was sweaty and embarrassed and felt old. So the next time I went out, the bike stayed at home and I drove the car instead. Not an ideal way to keep fit.

One day I was going to an event in Fremantle (15 minute car drive from home) that started at 1pm. I arrived there in my car at 12.30pm and spent the next 43 minutes trying to locate a car park, to no avail. I gave up and just drove home, missing the event. All the time I was thinking, "if only I had ridden my bike, it would have been easier to find a park and not miss out on doing things."

I had been seeing the increase of electric bikes around Perth and started to do some research. Many more matured aged people are buying ebikes and enjoying the fun, freedom and fitness benefits.

1. Riding a bike increases physical and mental health. The endorphins released from exercise make you feel good. As we age, we often exercise less. By being able to ride I feel better about myself and improve my health.

2. An ebike will help you go faster, further and longer. Going up a hill is easy now. I just up the speed on my bike, keep peddling and up I go, no more getting off and pushing. Because the bike goes faster than I would normally peddle, I go further afield and ride my bike much longer than I would have previously.

3. An ebike will save you money. Not having to pay train fares, petrol costs and parking fees is a great saving. Charging the bike costs very little.

4. An ebike will have you riding more often. Various surveys have shown that over 80% of ebike owners use them at least once a week, compared to 40% of regular bike owners.

5. An ebike is safer as it speeds up faster when you take off, thereby reducing accidents.

6. You can also ride in the bike lanes and on the road, there is no requirement for a special license. In heavy traffic areas you will probably go faster than the cars stuck in a gridlock.

7. Ebikes have lower emissions that cars and are eco-friendly. By riding a bike more, you are helping the environment.

8. Riding a bike is as easy as…. well, riding a bike really. An ebike is perfect for beginners or experts. My bike has three levels of electronic assistance, so I can choose how much help I can use, or turn it off and use it as a regular bike.

9. An ebike helps you when the crosswinds and headwinds are strong. By upping your electric assistance it is easier to ride on a windy day.

10. You get less sweaty. This was an added side benefit. I found that by using the electric assistance I did not have to peddle as hard or fast and end up sweaty, red faced and puffed out.

11. It is so much fun! Bike riders often wave to each other or do a quick head nod. I like that sense of inclusivity. By riding a bike, I can take more time in looking around me, smelling nature, feeling the wind in my hair, hearing the sounds in the community. This is much preferable to being in the drivers seat of a car.

12. There is no age limit.

I ordered my bike from click here If you use the following coupon code, you will receive $10 off orders over $100: SOLOTRAVEL10

I loved the vintage design of my bike and the cost was cheaper than buying one from a store nearby. It was delivered within a week of ordering it. There was some assembly required, and it came with the tools that I required. A youtube video showed the assembly as well as an online step by step manual.

My bike is super comfortable to ride. The seat adjusts to suit. The handlebars feel natural to hold onto and all the buttons and dials are within easy reach. It comes with front and rear lights.

I did add several purchases for my bike.

  • A really good breathable bike helmet. Even if you live in an area where it is not compulsory to wear one, my advice is to wear it anyway. Better to be safe than sorry. Click here

  • A big hard mesh basket to the back of my bike. As I carry a lot of camera gear, I wanted to have more space that the front basket. Plus, I can carry more groceries when shopping, which eliminates the need to drive a car as often. Click here

  • A cargo net for the basket. After I lost several items that bounced out of the basket, this became a necessity. Click here

  • A phone mount. This is so handy when using maps. Click here

  • An anti-theft bike lock. This lock is keyless and has extra thick manganese steel in a flexible cloth sleeve, which makes it almost impossible to cut through. A good lock can save your bike from being stolen. Click here

  • Bike half finger gloves. These are really helpful if your hands get sore holding the handlebars, and yet they leave your fingers free to key maps on your phone etc. Click here

  • A bike pump that you can take with you, especially one with a pressure gauge. You can inflate your tyres to the correct psi. Click here

As at the date of publication, you cannot take an ebike battery on an aeroplane, either check in or carry on luggage. If you are traveling to another country you may have to get an ebike there or bring your bike and purchase a new battery.

All products that I mention have been purchased and enjoyed by myself. This is why I recommend them to readers. I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you.

After asking friends on Facebook for name recommendations, my bike now has the perfect name - Bianca, meaning white in Italian!

Please feel free to comment below if you have enjoyed riding an electric bike too.

Happy Travels!

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