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5 hidden gems of Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Jurien Bay is a beautiful town located 2 hours drive north of Perth. I had the absolute delight to spend an extended stay here, and really get to know some incredible sights that are usually reserved for locals, and tourists if they go seeking them.

1. Bike trail

The Turquoise Way Trail is a 12km well maintained bitumen path from Jurien Bay southwards to Hill River. It is used for walkers, joggers, runners, prams, wheelchairs, scooters, skateboards and bike riders. No cars allowed.

The trail is fairly flat until the 10km marker, where a few steeper climbs may challenge riders. My ebike handled it perfectly. This is an impressive path. There are kilometre markers along the way which is fabulous as it allows you to know how far you have come, and how much further you need to go.

There are roofed shelters along the path where you can sit and enjoy this beautiful view. Bike stands are located in many areas along the path for you to rest your bike while you head off to the beach.

The sand dunes, bush scrub and beach scenes make this ride spectacular. The turquoise colours of the water are amazingly blue and green. It was lovely. If you do not bring your own bike, you can hire them from

2. The Betty Van

On Friday mornings down at the jetty you can get a fantastic cup of coffee from Shazza in the Betty Van (named after her mum Betty). Shazza hails from Cervantes and her coffee is well known in Jurien. There can be a bit of a wait as both locals and visitors line up for their caffinated beverages. The local mums bring their bubs for a paddle and stand in the water with them, coffees in hand, having a chat.

3. Lobster fisherman

When down at the jetty you may just see some of the lobster fisherman with their catches.

4. Boat trips

Take a boat trip out fishing or to swim with the sea lions. Alternatively, you can swim or kayak in the still waters of the marina. There are undercover seating areas to enjoy the view.

5. Glow in the dark art

At night head into the Sea Spray Art by Keira studio. Her marine themed art are inspired by her love of the local area.

These stunning works of art are even better when seen in the dark under a UV light. Keira is a local lass who has been creating these masterpieces and playing with the different florescent paints to get these incredible paintings. You almost get two paintings for the price of one.

I love how some of her paintings seem to make you feel as if you are below the ocean and the sun or moonshine invites you to look upwards.

I hope travellers stop into Jurien Bay and experience the wonderful adventures available here.

Happy Travels!

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