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Top Ten Travel Accessories

From my travel experiences I have gathered my top ten travel accessories below, with the reasons I love them. These items are my "must haves" for every trip and live permanently in my suitcase. Often over time I find a dual use for them and buy a second set rather than unpack one and risk not having it ready when I need it.

1. Portable Laundry Detergent Sheets

These Ultra concentrated sheets with detergent, fabric softener and static control all in one sheet are perfect when you travel. One packet of 24 sheets weighs just 90gms (3 ounces) and takes up little space. Use 1 sheet for a washing machine, half a sheet for handwashing. They are also great if you don't want to carry heavy boxes or bottles of detergent from store to home.

2. Sitrda Outdoor Elastic Clothes peg clothesline & Sea to Summit clothesline

Equal second are 2 products, both with great advantages. I tend to use the Sitrda for camping and the Sea to Summit when travelling. The Sitrda clothesline weighs just 190gms (7ozs) and the rope is 1.8m (6 ft) of elastic polyester.

The Sea to Summit clothesline packs up into a very tiny11x11x8cm (4.4x4.4x3in) bag, weighing only 30 grams (1oz). The beads hold your clothes tight, even in windy conditions.

3. Travel Bottles for toiletries and food

I love these must have travel containers. With wide necks, they are easy to fill and are squeezable and leakproof so you don’t waste any product. Perfect for toiletries, they are also food safe, so get an extra set for salad dressings and sauces.

4. Travel Neck Pillow Set

Memory Foam makes this travel neck pillow my perfect choice. Super comfortable with a washable cover, it prevents sweating around the neck. It has a clip so that you can hang it on your carry on luggage rather than carrying it on your arm. The pack come with a 3D fitted sleep mask and memory phone ear plugs, all in a handy carry bag.

5. Travel Adapter

Having one travel adapter that covers four regions is great, this one also has a 4 port USB charger as well which makes it onto my list of must have travel items. This adapter weighs under 6gms (0.2oz) and comes with its own carry case.

6. Selfie Stick Tripod

When travelling solo, getting photos of yourself can be difficult. Often we hold the phone at arms length for a selfie, and only get a partial shot. Or we risk asking a stranger to take a photo, and risk getting it stolen. This tripod is ideal to solve these problem. With up to 10 metres distance with the remote control, or as an extra long selfie stick you can be finally in the picture. It is also suitable for cameras and gopros. I love the 180 degree rotational head as well. At 41x5x5.5cm (16x2x2.2in) and a very lightweight 440gms (15oz), the tripod fits into my backpack when I am on daytrips.

7. Sewing Travel Kit

I love having little sewing kit in my luggage. It holds supplies in one place, and measures only 15x15cm (6x6in). For quick and easy repairs to clothing when travelling it can save you money.

8. Microfibre Towel

This towel is perfect for the traveler. Lightweight and soft, it fits perfectly into a suitcase or backpack and weighs only 400gms. My XL sized towel wraps around my body and dries very quickly. After it arrived and I and tried it out, I ordered a few more for home and in the car.

9. Digital Luggage Scale

Have you ever had to unpack your bag and decide what to discard at an airport because it was over the limit? Have you ever had to pay expensive excess luggage fees? These scenarios can be avoided by weighing your bags as you pack them, with this lightweight digital luggage scale. This scale weighs only 111gms (4oz) and can save you lots of $$$.

10. Electronics Travel Organizer Storage Bag

H Having lost many electronics cables over the years in my travels or not being able to find them in my luggage, I was delighted to have a storage bag that holds most of my electronics in one place. There are two compartments. The top has multiple elasticised loops to hold cords in place and a zippered mesh pocket for smaller items. The larger compartment on the bottom is an ideal size to hold larger items and also has a zippered mesh pocket. My bag holds items 5 and 9 listed above with over half the space still available. Hint: it also makes a great cosmetics case.

I hope you find these as handy and helpful as I do. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you.

Happy Travels!

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