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The largest Vincent motorcycle collection in the world is privately owned in Western Australia

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Former builder and rock lobster fisherman, Ian Boyd, wanted to find a hobby in his retirement. His collection of choice was motorbikes, and he now opens his purpose built home to visitors almost every day in Jurien Bay. Jurien (as it is known to locals) is a two and a half hour drive north of Perth on the Indian Ocean Drive.

Needing space for his growing collection, Ian has custom built a 3-bedroom home around his double story 240sqm of floor space massive man cave.

Current count is 75 motorbikes, as well as Offenhauser sports car, a Cooper race car, a 1989 Jaguar E-Type and various dirt track bikes.

The day I called in to visit Ian and his collection, I was amazed by how many machines there were, and how shiny everything was. Ian keeps these machines in pristine condition, and most of them are still able to run. They have been restored by various people all over Australia.

Ian's passion is the Vincent motorbike and in 1988 he collected his first Vincent. He now has the largest collection of Vincents in the world. Vincents were made in England from 1933 until 1955. Ian has at least one of every model, except (in 2021) for the elusive White Shadow (of which only 15 were ever made).

Only 78 Black Shadows were ever made. Ian has 2 of them. These bikes are hero-worshipped by those who know their machines. It is the genesis of the modern Superbike. The Black Shadow was built in the late 1940s to be faster than any bike of the time. It used an air-cooled 1000 cc four-stroke, two-cylinder engine. It could reach 125mph, which is impressive when you realise that the Harley could only reach 100mph.

Less than 31 grey flashes were made. This 1950s grey factory works went to Argentina. Ian has now added it to his collection.

When Ian was a child he went to watch bike races at the Claremont Raceway and it is in his blood.

His 1939 Series A 1260cc Road Race Special No. 75 bike raced at Phillip Island in Victoria for over 15 years, bringing home many trophies. They are displayed on the wall near the bike. This bike set the lap record at over 250kph. Tony Hynes was the rider. Tony now races at Collie. I asked Ian what he would do if someone broke that record. He smiled and answered, "I guess we would have to bring the bike out of retirement and give it another go."

Most of his bikes are labelled with vital information. However, Ian is always on hand to give you a lot more details. This man certainly knows his Vincents.

His 1957 blue Cooper car was build with a Vincent motor and was designed for Hill

climb and sprint racing. Another race car, the 1950-1960 Offenhauser midget race car, has also found a home in Ian's collection.

In 1948 the Vincent company was in the hands of receivers. Between 1951 and 1957 they made 3000 2-stroke petrol motors that people could modify onto their own bikes. This was an early type of today's popular e-bike.

When not busy with his bikes or the avid visitors Ian likes to go cray fishing in his boat. His current project is a 1956/57 Vincent made Amanda water scooter. This is a forerunner of the modern jet ski. This water scooter is powered by a little 2 stroke Vincent engine and could reach speeds of 20mph. It doesn't look much pre-restoration, but I bet that when Ian is finished with it, this will be a new shiny addition to his marvellous collection. I look forward to seeing it again one day.

Ian isn't just a passionate collector. He opens his own home and collection each day for others to enjoy as well. He loves to share with car and bike clubs, as well as individuals and families. Ian really enjoys chatting to people. When often asked what his favourite item is, he replies with a grin. "All of them." He loves living in Jurien Bay, saying that it is a piece of paradise and the people are very friendly. Good on you Ian!

Viewings can be made by appointment only, by calling +61 (08) 9652 1044 or +61 0407 993 347. A donation is appreciated upon viewing.

Happy Travels!

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