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Table Cape Tulip Farm in Tasmania, Australia

Tulips only flower for one month a year, and how glorious that month looks when you get the chance to visit Table Cape Tulip Farm in northern Tasmania. With the oceans of Bass Strait in the background and a glimpse of the Table Cape Lighthouse, this is a dream location for a visit and photographs. Flowering in the Southern Hemisphere Spring, the best time to visit Table Cape Tulip Farm is between late September and mid to late October.

There are over six hectares in this field of colours. People are invited to walk through and admire the beautiful blooms. The names of the flowers are noted on the rows and orders can be taken at the farm for your bulb order.

Volunteers from the local Rotary Club help out collecting the admission fees, $12 for adults in 2021. They also sell the almost compulsory Australian snack, a sausage in bread, with onions (if you choose) and sauce. Paired with a cold drink, or a coffee from the nearby van, and the view of the tulips, this is delicious outdoor dining.

Before I ventured into the fields, I checked out the large working sheds that had been transformed into a café, gallery and farm shop during the visiting season.

above photo courtesy of facebook Table Cape Tulip Farm

The Two Lips cafe is a perfect venue to sit amongst the flowers and enjoy a snack or devonshire tea.

The stunning floral displays were breathtaking. Karen Gilday a florist from Wynyard is the master creator behind the indoor tulip tributes.

A wall of bulb pictures complete with exotic names such as “Life’s a Cabernet” and “Candy Apple Delight” encouraged visitors to order their bulbs. My favourites, being a travel writer, were the red tinted flowers named “Escape” and “Opportunity”. Can we pick a favourite by the name, not just the colour?

Out in the tulip fields there were many people taking selfies. However, when a friendly group of people asked me to take a drone selfie of them, I couldn’t resist this pic from a different angle. I later saw them having a picnic in the car park with a large group of their friends. Visiting the farm is also an activity that lots of families come to annually.

Not to be left out, I asked someone to take a shot of me amongst the splendid colours.

In late October, machines will dehead the tulips. With the seed head removed the plants will now put all its energy into the bulb. This ensures a beautiful flower for next spring when visitors can come along and enjoy this magnificent display and venue.

Looking away from the beautiful ocean view, there is also great rolling farmland and country scenery behind the sheds and tulips. This landscape just calls out for slow country drives.

It is a marvellous opportunity to admire the flowers and be impressed by nature in the gorgeous north-west of Tamania.

Table Cape Tulip Farm

365 Table Cape Road

Wynyard Tasmania

Happy Travels!

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