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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Two - Magazines and Cookbooks

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Welcome to day 2 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

a woman reading a magazine

Wow, this is a big one for me. As a crafter, I had many magazines that I kept in case I could possibly use them in the future. However, it is not worth keeping a whole magazine for only one or two relevant articles.

1. I decided what articles I truly would want to keep out of magazines and cookbooks.

2. I photographed the articles I wanted, re named the pictures on my computer and stored them in category folders. i.e. Patchwork Quilts, Cross stitch, woodwork, cooking recipes. This makes it so much easier to locate when I need them in the future. Plus, I can find the "best ever fruitcake recipe" on the computer a lot easier than sifting through different cook books.

3. If I truly wanted to keep an article, I cut it out and stored it in a folder in my office.

4. I put a post of facebook asking if my friends wanted them, then put ad online offering to give the magazines away to anyone interested, and they had to pick them up within a week.

5. The rest of the magazines I gave to a local retirement home and school.

By giving them away rather than throwing them out, I felt mentally better as others will enjoy them as well.

Remember to reward yourself with something special after you do this. You deserve it!

Please feel free to comment about your bathroom cleansing experience on this post, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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