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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Twenty eight - Linen

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Welcome to day 28 of decluttering your home and mind. Only 3 more days left in this month of decluttering. Hopefully you have gained some valuable hints and ideas from this series so far.

a very tidy bedroom with a made bed with lovely linen

Delicious is a the great feeling I get on clean sheet day when fresh linen is on my bed and feels fabulous going to sleep that night.

Linen is something that can get shoved to the back of a cupboard and forgotten about. Fitted sheets can lose their elastic, sheets can become threadbare or stained.

A good philosophy is: if you wouldn't let guests use them, then they are not good enough for you either. Get out the "good" linen and treat yourself. My guest room below has silk linen that I bought whilst visiting a silk factory in China. The beautiful colours in this linen inspired me to paint the walls this dark heritage red with white trim.

a tidy bedroom with a queen sized bed, made with silk linen

I have two sets of sheets for myself. One on the bed and one ready for the bed. This is simplicity itself. They both are a neutral colour that matches my quilts and can be matched together.

Sort through your linen cupboard today. Throw out anything that would embarrass you if guests saw it. Love your linen. Maybe it is time to buy those gorgeous 1000 thread count sheets. These are my favourite sheets and are often on sale at Spotlight stores in Australia, or online at various sites such as Cudo and Scoopon.

a very plain and tidy double bed

Included in linen can be tablecloths and serviettes (napkins). I love using a great tablecloth and am a fan of linen serviettes (which I do iron, it is worth the extra step). Beautiful linen makes me feel special, and we all deserve to feel that way. Surround yourself with beautiful items and it will increase your pleasure and self esteem.

Get excited about going to bed tonight in fresh beautiful linen after the cleanse today. You are looking and feeling awesome!

Please feel free to comment about your cleanse that you experience, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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