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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Thirty - Containers

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Welcome to day 30 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

a pantry filled with matching containers, all with labels attached

I love storage containers. My pantry is filled with food in tupperware and similar containers. This makes items easy to locate and use. The picture above is my actual storage system.

Larger plastic storage bins house crafts, seasonal clothes, Christmas decorations etc.

However, we can sometimes overdo the storage containers. They can become very handy places to keep things that maybe have passed their use by purpose for us.

It is now time to do an audit on your containers.

  • If they store food, is that food still viable, is it still safe to eat?

  • Do you have a practical labeling system for food containers? There are lots of different stick on pre-named labels, chalkboard stickers and pens, dynamo labels, or cutting the packet label and sticking that on as a reminder. You can see in my photo above that I sometimes have part of the original package in the container as well, with the use by date, or cooking instructions.

  • Are your food containers stored in an easy order, such as larger ones to the back, or bottom shelves, smaller ones to the front? Are your favourites easily accessible?

  • With assorted large storage containers, are they labelled so that you can easily identify what is inside the container? I use chalkboard paint and a white pen for my permanent craft boxes - Knitting is one, Patchwork is another etc. In my photo below, you can see I use the same labelling system for my tea containers

jars of tea on a shelf, all with labels. jugs and a calendar hang below

  • Containers are ideal to store all like minded or project items together. All the tools etc for my picture frame making are in one container. That way, when I need it, everything is together, I am not hunting for items all over the place

  • For containers with a lot of different items in, I write the details on a piece of A4 paper, store it in a plastic sleeve, and tape this to the side of the container that I will see when it is stored. I often write the date I last used the items, as a reminder for future use. This is the label on my winter clothing storage bin: 2 Winter jackets, 2 pair gloves, 3 beanies, last worn October 2019. The reason I write the date on the label is so that I will know when I used them last and if it was last used years ago, maybe it is no longer needed or wanted. Time to sell or donate.

  • It is perfectly reasonable to me to have a storage container that I call my memory bin. In here are things that precious to only me; old school reports, my child's first haircut etc. I allow myself one memory bin and love looking through it occasionally. You do not need to throw out everything to be decluttered, you need to be organised with the items you love.

Definitely reward yourself after the cleanse today. How awesome is your office looking?

Please feel free to comment about your cleanse that you experience, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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