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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Seventeen - Kitchen Appliances

Welcome to day 17 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

Meant to make our lives easier, kitchen appliances tend to either sit on the bench, or are hidden away in hard to get to locations. Cords get in the way, often the pieces are not all together, and it gets frustrating. Some deserve their prime real estate of the bench space, such as a frequently used kettle. Others are like relatives we are ashamed of, and only get seen once or twice a year.

Is this one of the tasks that you have said you will complete, but it is just too difficult to get started. The best philosophy is to assess one appliance at a time.

  1. Is it clean and tidy? Often we keep broken appliances thinking that one day we will get it fixed etc. This adds to clutter in our minds as well as physical clutter. Arrange to get it fixed or get rid of it.

  2. Does it have all its parts? Have you ever had to look for the blades for an electric knife because they are not stored together, and then given up and used a knife instead? I have. Storing all accessories together may lead to using if more frequently.

  3. Do you use it to the best purpose? My airfryer is a great kitchen appliance and is used at least 3 times a week. I downloaded an app that gives recipes and shopping lists. I even make scones in this appliance and it takes little washing up. Food is healthier by air frying, so it is a definite keeper and located where I can access it easily

Learn new ways to use each appliance. I own a thermomix. If you know anyone that has one, it is almost like they have joined a cult and rave about its uses. I am a huge fan, and found it replaced 8 of my other kitchen appliances, as well as cutting down processing and cleaning times. I even make my own washing powder in this machine, very economically. One bar of pure soap, such as sunlight, 200gms borax, 320gms Lectric washing soda. Use 3 tablespoons per wash. Do you have an appliance that can be used for more than one purpose? With my blender, not only do I make smoothies, but I also use it to make pancake batter easier than by hand.

5. Are they economical? Do you have a breadmaker that is used every day for a few weeks and then lives silently in the cupboard for ages afterwards? We all have great fads for items and then tire of them. If it isn't adding value to your life, maybe it is time to free yourself of this clutter.

Reward yourself with something special after this cleanse today. Make something in one of your appliances. You deserve it!

Please feel free to comment about any other uses for appliances that you experience, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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