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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Four - Kitchen Drawers

Welcome to day 4 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

The place that you never want your friends and loved ones to see. That junk drawer in the kitchen that houses all your utensils and some stuff you forgot you had.

It has been said many times that if you haven't used something in the last twelve months you should get rid of it. In the kitchen my belief is that if you haven't used it in the last six months, sell it, give it way, or throw it out.

In my case I definitely got rid of that vegetable spiral gadget that never works as good for me as it did for the demonstrator in the store.

For batteries, I now have a plastic tackle box that stores all my unused batteries in one easily accessible place.

In another plastic tackle box lives smaller items such as corn holders etc.

Drawer dividers are an awesome investment.

I bought a lovely rack for the wall from Ikea and house all my salad servers together, my sauces and oils together etc. Below is an actual picture of my kitchen wall. One simple shelf houses teas above and jugs below. A pot holder hangs from the ceiling and houses utensils I use every day, and a magnetic strip near my oven holds my knives. Cost effective methods that enable me to see what I have and access them easily. They also look pretty cool in my eclectic kitchen.

After your utensil cleanse go reward yourself with something special. You deserve it!

Please feel free to comment about your utensil cleansing experience on this post, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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