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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Five - Cleaning Products

Welcome to day 5 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

Under the kitchen sink, in the laundry or wherever you store those cleaning products, go now and sort them out. Again the rule is, if you don't use it - get rid of it. Please do not dispose of chemicals down a sink, contact your local council for disposal sites.

We all have favourite cleaners, and some of you will be like me and have those we never really use. They do have a use by date. Free up space and only keep those you use regularly.

If it is so old that the label is no longer attached to the bottle - don't guess, it is old, throw it out.

Do we need a separate bottle for each task, or can one product be used for multiple purposes?

A big hint I just discovered, is that dishwashing tablets are perfect for cleaning glass shower doors. Make sure you wear gloves when doing this.

Then go reward yourself with something special. You deserve it!

Please feel free to comment about your cleaning product experience on this post, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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