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The Secret Garden of Perth

Have you ever wanted to feel like Alice in Wonderland, step into a Tim Burton film, or be like the children in the Narnia books, encountering a strange new land? In Perth, you can do just this. I had been told about this fairy tale place called the Secret Garden, hidden away in Perth suburbia, yet a world away. It was indeed a delightful paradise.

Stepping over a wooden log bridge you arrive in the wetlands of Careniup. Morning Glory weeds creep up and over the native trees giving it a magical feel.

There are many native Paperbark trees here. With more than 150 native birds, plants, amphibians and invertebrates, if you are very quiet and patient you may see or hear some of these.

This is a swamp reserve, so stay on the paths and wear waterproof footwear.

This is one of Perth’s most instagrammed spots. Lots of children dress up and have their photos taken here. Role play enthusiasts also come here for photographs.

As this is a delicate ecosystem dogs are not allowed in the area, and it is a good time to remember the only things you can take from the garden are photos and memories.

There is no shortage of different vistas to take photographs. Each turn in a path presents you with a new WOW moment.

An awesome place to visit, my only question is... Why is it called the secret garden if people know about it? One story is that Once Upon a Time adventurers to this magical place didn't want everyone to know about it, so they would give false co-ordinates or only longitude and latitude directions. Now, all you need to do is ask google to find The Secret Garden in Perth and you will be able to venture there.

Happy Travels!

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