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Perth International Transit Lounge

Flying to Singapore from Perth in Western Australia, I had the pleasure of visiting the international transit lounge two hours before my flight departed. With both indoor and outdoor seating that was extremely comfortable, this is a beautiful modern and stylish space to begin your overseas journey. It is definitely enjoyable to be spoilt before you even get on the plane.

A word to the wise - save your appetite before you arrive. Having something to eat elsewhere and then coming to the lounge is a waste, as there is scrumptious hot and cold food available to enjoy. The seasonal menus are designed by Neil Perry, a well-known, high end Australian executive chef.

Yes, food and drinks are included at no extra charge when you are in the lounge. Premium hot and cold buffet choices are available all day. Fancy an alcoholic drink? Choose a wine, beer, spirit, soft drink or juice. All day barista services enable you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. The first time I ever visited a lounge, I did feel a bit guilty just helping myself, or being waited on, without paying. As the lounge is one of the perks and rewards for frequent flyers, after one or two visits, you do learn to appreciate the extra attentive service.

The outdoor BBQ area is perfect for a breath of fresh air. There is an Aussie BBQ menu guests can choose from.

The Quench hydration station is very important. Flying dehydrates your body. In the lounge, you can help yourself to both visually pleasing and delicious tasting waters.

It is not all food and drink either. A luxurious wellbeing studio is within the lounge, where a video guides guests through an interactive stretching program in a tranquil setting. I did the program and felt a lot calmer afterwards. Seating is available for those who prefer not to use the cushions on the floor.

Modern bathroom and shower facilities are a perfect way to refresh either before or after your flight. Towels and toiletries are provided. Recently, the lounge has installed body clock intervention light therapy in the shower suites and bathroom mirrors, as well as different lounge areas. This sounds quite technical, but what it does is to help combat jetlag. Perth is the first airline lounge to introduce this benefit.

Not all travellers have access to the transit lounge. Visitors are required to have a Qantas Club membership or have qualified for Gold or Platinum Frequent Flyer levels. Visitors can bring a friend into the lounge, even if they don't qualify on their own.

Having visited airport lounges in many different cities on my travels, the Perth international transit lounge is definitely one of the most stylish and relaxing lounges I have been to.

Happy Travels!

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