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My Reasons to Travel Solo

Traveling solo is not always fun or relaxing, but it is almost ALWAYS worth it.

“Don’t you ever get lonely?”

“Why do you want to travel by yourself?”

These are two of the most common comments people blurt out when they know that I am a solo traveler. My answer – “No, because almost everywhere I go, there are other people.”

This seems to shock them a little, then they inevitably say, “I would rather travel with someone so I can share my memories with them.”

So true, you can. However, are you always going to have those people in your life? What if they stop being friends with you, pass on, or pass away? I have a lot of old holiday snaps, with people who I thought I would know forever, and now I don’t even remember their names.

For years I would only travel if I could go with someone else. This often meant that I acquiesced and did things they wanted, ate meals when they wanted, or didn’t do something I wanted to do because they didn’t want to do it. Not all the time, but quite a lot. Then one day, someone I was going to travel with decided not to go. I was in a bit of a dilemma, do I go by myself or not go at all? I decided to go by myself, and it was a light bulb moment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the freedom to choose when I went to sleep and when I woke up, where and when I ate, and the exhilarating feeling that you get when you do everything YOU want to do.

The following is a list of reasons why it is awesome for me to travel by myself. Please feel free to use any or all of these to inspire you. Maybe print or write them out and stick them up on your walls, fridge, mirror, etc. Do whatever it takes to get you motivated and moving.

Traveling solo:

· Improves your happiness

· Is better than staying at home

· Is good for the soul

· Boosts self confidence

· Introduces you to new people

· Makes friends of strangers

· Enhances current friendships

· Creates memories

· Finds beauty in small things

· Educates you in the ‘real world’

· Improves social skills

· Improves communication skills

· Enhances tolerance of many things

· Enriches your personal story

· Improves your life

· Relieves stress

· Boots mental health

· Makes you leave your comfort zone

· Teaches you to live with less

· Teaches you to live more simply

· Helps you become more patient

· Teaches you to be more curious

· Assists to appreciate other cultures

· Makes you think creatively

· Makes you appreciate home more forces you to learn thing you would never learn at home

· Improves confidence

· Allows you to start over, no-one automatically knows your past

· Enables you to start a new life

· Expands your soul

· Experienced life by relying on yourself

· Makes sure you should no longer blame others for things you don’t accomplish

· Helps you discover what being free can truly mean

· Allows you to trust your gut feelings more

· Great way to find a life a life partner

· Helps you discover that ‘home’ is not just a place

· Lets you understand and experience something that was once just an idea in your head

· Lets you discover new opportunities

· Is different from having a holiday/vacation

· Enables you to have fun

· Allows you to be adventurous

· Feeds your soul

Please feel free to post in comment section why you like traveling solo.

Happy Travels!

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