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Happy Feet at Shoe Fun, Perth Australia

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Confession time - I have long feet. In fact, I wear a size 11-12 (42-43) and it is very difficult to find nice looking shoes to fit me. Imagine my delighted surprise when I found a shoe shop in Perth that not only sold shoes to fit my long feet but, oh my, they were gorgeous!

I usually waited until I travelled to the United States to purchase footwear, because they sell larger sizes in USA. So you can imagine how thrilled it was to have beautiful, amazing, fabulous shoes that actually fit my feet. (Can you just feel how excited I was?)

The staff are very friendly and chatted whilst they brought out a range to delight not just my feet but my eyes as well. I felt glamourous and so feminine that I purchased three pair that very day. The shoes definitely stand out and get noticed. Friends have now started calling me The Shoe Lady.

On my next visit into Shoe Fun at the Carillon Arcade in Perth city centre, the staff remembered me and presented me with another dazzling display of amazing delights.

Two more pair have now been added to my expanding collection of fabulous. Comfort is very important to me as I do a lot of walking. These shoes are definitely practical as well as pretty. The high quality of workmanship means that they will last for many wears.

I have worn the first three pair of shoes for over eight months now and they still look brand new.

Some of the fantastic shoes (that I have not bought) have to be seen to be believed. The Grinch display is just amazing.

A lot of their shoes have incredible heels that keep with the theme of the shoe. While I may not wear these heeled shoes, they are lovely to look at.

Shoe Fun is passionate about their shoes and their customers. They pride themselves on stocking shoes that you will not find anywhere else. These shoes make an impact whether worn to work, shopping, or on a night out on the town. People are always complimenting me on my shoes and asking. "Where can I buy shoes like that?".

While selling amazing looking shoes, they also have regular heels, flats, boots, sneakers, sandals etc. Again, the quality is impressive.

Launched in November 2014, Shoe Fun is a Western Australian family based business. They also deliver to people in Australia and over 20 countries worldwide.

They also have a gorgeous selection of handbags, purses, stockings, socks, brooches and scarves. Before you finish reading this story and my complete excited raving about this store, let's look at a few more of their amazing shoes.

Everyone needs to be a bit daring every now and then!

(P.S. I receive no commissions from Shoe Fun, I am simply happy to share my excitement about this West Australian business with others.)

Happy Travels!

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