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Entertainment Book - Week one savings total $43.20

This weeks savings: $43.20

Total Savings: $43.20

My savings from the entertainment book are off to a good start on the first week.

As I had business in the Swan Valley, I called into Yahava Koffeeworks for lunch. $10 for an energising coffee plus a delicious chicken and avocado toastie.

Their voucher stated a free coffee upon the purchase of another. As a solo traveler, I asked if I could get one coffee with my sandwich, and one to take away afterwards. The smiling waitress offered me a voucher for a free coffee that I could use on my next visit, rather than have to drink two today. Very helpful. $5 saving (for next time really, but will count it into this week's tally).

My next savings was a bigger one, $38.20 at JB Hi-Fi. The Entertainment book offers gift cards at various discounts. JB Hi-Fi offers a 5% discount, which after a 1.25% processing fee, meant my $1000 in gift cards cost me $961.80. The drawback is that you cannot use the app in store and purchase immediately. First you purchase the gift cards through the Entertainment app, then they are e-mailed to you within 48 hours. Print them off and then go back to the store and use them. This is great if you plan ahead or can wait a few days to purchase.

Keeping in mind the 1.25% transaction fee, some of the other 24 giftcards you can save on are:

Priceline, Lorna Jane, Freedom, Snooze, City Beach, BCF 10%

Dan Murphys, WISH, Itunes, Google Play, Big W 5%

Amazon 3%

Let's see those savings add up this week!

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Happy Travels!

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