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Entertainment Book - Savings up to week 5 - total $66.20

Weeks 2-5 savings: $23.00

Total Savings: $66.20

These last four weeks savings were all food related when meeting up with friends.

Coffee with a friend at Domain on Loch, at Nedlands, saved $5. This was a great cafe, very friendly and chatty staff, old magazines used as wallpaper, indoor and outdoor seating. There were even some hanging chairs to experience outside. This is now my local go-to cafe, and I have introduced friends to this great place as well.

Lunch a Outback Jacks in Northbridge with a friend, saved $5.50, and another lunch with a friend at Tommy Sugo in Nedlands saved $12.50.

In five weeks I have almost saved the cost of the purchase. So far, so good. I am not spending money just to save money. It has been fun discovering new venues when out in Perth and I am look forward to discovering more.

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Happy Travels!

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