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Entertainment Book - is it worth purchasing?

The Entertainment Book is a book of discounts, available in a hard copy book and an app on your smartphone. I have used the book off and on during the many of the 26 years it has been in operation.

Forgetting to bring the book with me was often a reason that I never felt I got my money's worth. Last year, I purchased a book, and used the digital app on my phone as well. It was going great guns until COVID-19 shut down most things that the book could be used for.

The Entertainment book is not just a great way to save money, it also enables you to find new places to be.. well... entertained.

It covers the following catergories:

  • Activities

  • Car Hire

  • Subscriptions

  • Dining

  • Hotels

  • Local Services

  • Shopping

  • Travel

Purchasing a new digital copy today, my goal is to utilise the program and share a weekly summary of places I go and savings I make. The app has a function that shows what value I have received to date.This information will be shared with my readers in a short weekly post. If I find an amazing venue or activity, I hope to encourage you to experience it for yourself.

The cost of the Perth edition is $70 for 12 months, and includes the Margaret River area of Western Australia and Bali. (Although nobody is able to travel to Bali as at August 2020, with travel restrictions currently in place). If you travel frequently, you can purchase a whole of Australia and New Zealand membership for $120 a year, or $230 for 2 years. I can also add on other countries for a fee during my membership if I travel there.

The app is great, as it has a "near me" function which shows those benefits close to where I am. It also updates regularly with "New Offers". This is something the book does not update you on, a very handy function.

On my iphone, I can use 2 fingers to zoom in to where I currently am, for more details.

By clicking on the little square icon it will show me the details of the restaurant and the offer. I can even click on the location and my google maps will open automatically to show me how long it will take to get there.

scrolling down on the offer gives great details. I can also read members reviews if I wish.

One of the brilliant things about the offers is that a lot of them are a % off the deal, not always a 2 for 1. This is handy when solo dining, as I don't have to order a second meal (usually I would have to take it home for tomorrow's meal), or find someone to go with me.

I have some friends who don't like using vouchers. Strange but true! The app would suit them more, as phones are socially acceptable to keep all sorts of apps on.

In summary, I will be using the entertainment book app this year in Perth, to save money, and also to discover and support businesses who want to find new customers. A win-win for all.

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Happy Travels!

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