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Prepare to Travel - A month to declutter - Day Twenty three - Handbags and Backpacks

Welcome to day 23 of decluttering to free your home and your mind.

First step for today is to gather all your handbags and backpacks into one space. Spread them out where you can see them all at once. Often this step is scary, when we realise just how many bags we have.

Next, empty everything out of the bags and backpacks and sort the contents out. All cash together, all makeup together etc. Did you find that you have multiples of things, or did you find something you forgot you had, or even something that you have been searching for and haven't been able to find? I always think of this sort as a treasure hunt, and love finding things I didn't realise I still had.

Now that everything is sorted, look at your bags. Are they serviceable or past their use by date? Get rid of those straight away, go put them in the bin. Once they are out of sight, you will feel better.

Do you have any bags that no longer match your outfits, do you have any that you no longer love to own? Bin, sell or donate these.

Consider what you reuse. In my evening bag I carry some spare cash, some makeup, tissues etc. Instead of having each bag with duplicate items in them, have a smaller material bag inside and store your items in that. Then when you want to use another bag, just remove the material bag with your goods in it, and put it into the new bag. This also helps keep your bags cleaner.

When looking at your everyday handbag, think about what it contains, in case you lose it. Do you carry receipts in it that are better somewhere in a filing system? Do you carry jewellery in your handbag that you would be upset to lose? Place items where they live. Your bags are not a filing storage device.

If you bag is overwhelming, think in little steps. I often tidy out my bag whilst waiting for a doctors appointment. It is always easy to make a five minute cleansing experience in your handbag.

After this cleanse you will be more organised, find things in your bag quicker, and be ready to travel, even if that travel is local.

Treat yourself to something special after the cleanse today. You are looking and feeling fabulous!

Please feel free to comment about your cleanse that you experience, and enjoy the rest of the decluttering series.

Happy Travels!

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