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Cloud Forest is a beautiful garden oasis in Singapore

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Inside a 0.8 hectare (two acre) glass air-conditioned dome is one of the world’s largest indoor waterfalls. At 35m (115ft) tall, the water sensationally flows down past a beautiful array of tropical mountain plants. Singer Billie Eilish stated “The Cloud Forest is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!” I agree with Billie, and thousands of people who have visited this incredibly, wonderful garden near the bay in Singapore.

Cloud Forest of Gardens by the bay in Singapore

Visitors can take an elevator up the inside of the man-made mountain and stroll down the walkways, seeing the stunning forest vegetation up close. I didn't realise how far up 35 metres was until I looked down and saw the crisscross of walkways below.

Cloud Walk

Observing the plants from different angles as you descend can give a whole new perspective from the normal ground view.

Beautiful Antoriom flower
A tall tree surrounded with beautiful flowers and giant leaves

This stunning greenhouse conservatory is home to an indoor garden that has been spectacularly assembled and meticulously maintained. It is a cool moist climate, similar to tropical mountain environments. These unusual plants are mostly found in cloud forest habitats, usually around 2,000 metres above sea level.

Heart shaped leaves in Cloud Forest Singapore

Regularly misted six times a day, keeps the temperature inside the dome around 25 degrees Celcius in addition to watering the plants. If you visit during the misting hours, it is a welcoming cool respite from the tropical heat of Singapore. The humidity inside the dome is around 80 – 90%.

Man-made sculptures can be spotted around the dome, including in the orchid haven. The national flower of Singapore is an orchid, the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Man Made sculpture orchid haven

The Orchid Haven pathway surrounds you with the gorgeous colours of these delicate blooms. No matter whether you look up, down or around, you can marvel at the displays.

walking in the path under the colorful flowers

Etheral White Persians is a breathtaking artwork by USA artist Dale Chihuly and on display in the garden. Made of blown glass and steel, it was created for this setting. The glass flowers look so delicate. Their shiny whiteness is complimented by the green foliage and bright flowers surrounding them.

Etheral White Persians glass flowers

Blending into the flora are driftwood sculptures, admired both for their creativity and craftsmanship. Over time, the displays are changed, so, even if you have visited here once or twice it is worth a repeat visit to see the new additions.

driftwood sculptures
driftwood sculptures of monkeys life

This is truly a garden for all ages. The lushness of the vegetation, the beauty and variety of the plants, and the tranquility of the Cloud Forest is an outstanding oasis in the Garden City of Singapore.

The secret garden in cloud forest Singapore

I spent a wonderful two hours leisurely strolling and admiring whilst here.

For opening hours and more information go to their website: Cloud Forest

Happy Travels!

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